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Cell Analogy- Disneyland

No description

Adam Clark

on 15 November 2011

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Transcript of Cell Analogy- Disneyland

Disneyland Cell Analogy Nucleus The nucleus of Disneyland is the owner. This is
because he controls Disneyland like a nucleus
controls a cell. Nucleus of a cell Owner of
Disneyland Nucleolus The workers of Disneyland are similiar to the
nucleolus of a cell because the nucleolus is a
"little nucleus" just like the workers. Nucleolus of a cell Disneyland workers Chromatin The rules at Disneyland are like the chromatin of a cell. The
Chromatin carries genetic instruction; rules are instructions. Rules of Disneyland Chromatin Cell Wall
Cell Membrane Both the cell wall and the cell membrane regulate what enters and leave
the cell. The gates at Disneyland are equivilent to the cell membrane and
cell wall. cell wall Gates of Disneyland Endoplasmic Reticulum Visitor's legs are the Endoplasmic Reticulum of Disneyland, because they transport vistitors throughout Disneyland
like ER does inthe cell. Flagellum The monorail is the flagellum of Disneyland
because it helps move the cell. Lysosome The janitors of Disneyland are like the
lysosomes of a cell because they clean up
old parts of Disneyland, same like lysosomes
do in cells. Golgi The mail system of Disneyland acts like the golgi. The Golgi in a cell sort, and packages
proteins, like the mail system at Disneyland.
Mitochondria Mitochondria is the powerhouse of a cell. In Disneyland the
mitochondria would be the visitors' money, without the money,
Disneyland would not be able
to stay running. Vacuole In cells, vacuoles are storage. In
Disneylandthe castle is the vacuole
because it's a place for storage, Cytoplasm Cytoplasm guards a cell, in Disneyland, security guards
are the cytoplasm. Ribosomes The food court is the ribosome of Disneyland. Workers
assemble food, like the ribosome assenbles proteins
in a cell. Chloroplast Some parts of Disneyland use solar energy. The parts that do
can be compared to chloroplasts in plant cells. This is because
both solar panels and chloroplasts capture energy from the
sun to use in the cell.
Cytoskeleton The California ground that Disneyland sets on is like th cytoskeleton
of a cell because the cytoskeleton provides structure for the cell like
Californian ground provides stucture for Disneyland.
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