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No description

pp ananda

on 16 April 2018

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Transcript of Wednesday

Justification document
• Used for thorough assessment of the learner, to make sure they are enrolled on the correct programme

• Used to identify APL / RPL
• Learner declaration and confirmation that they have received an induction
• For learners to identify any gaps they had in their induction or to ask further questions
PLR & Maths and English Exemption evidence
• To identify if the learner would need to complete Functional skill qualifications
• Identify learner’s prior attainment
Pre-programme form
• Contains learner details that is need as a minimum to be submitted to the ESFA

• Mandatory information for the learner’s programme

• Helps us identify prior attainment which should always be considered for enrolments
Commitment Statement –
was Programme Agreement
• Mandatory by ESFA

• Commitment between Key6, Employer and learner for delivery
Induction Checklist

Learner 'On-Boarding' Process
enrolment Paperwork
Learning evidence and on going paperwork
• To show evidence of learning for ESFA compliance
Without Enrolment Pack
Behind the scenes Process flow
Completed enrolment packs come into MIS
Secondary checks for completion
Secondary eligibility checks
Entered on Cognisoft YETI MIS.
YETI communicates to OneFile to create learner accounts.
MIS then sends account details out to learners
Each learners PLR is downloaded and processed
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