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public participation

legal and practical aspects of public information and participation in the framework of planning processes

Prof. Dr. Uwe Rammert

on 21 June 2014

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Transcript of public participation

legal aspects
planning errors and incomplete plans
positive examples
communication gone wrong:
energy supply

new perspective:
bottom-up communication
Agenda 21 processes
implementation of
Water Framework Directive
"the bridge of no return"
communication gone wrong again:
different languages of participants

what they say
what they mean
what they understand
what they really want

secure energy supply
protect the climate...
build a common
power station
exhaust gases are
highly poisonous!
filter technology!
filter residues are
highly toxic!
public information
and participation

use wind energy
(no emissions!)
windmills spoil
the landscape
windmills kill birds!
solar energy!
solar cells have a
bad ecobilance
save energy!
too much saving endangers
economic development (?)
nuclear energy!
has no CO2-emissions
incalculable risk!!
so what?
listen to regional people
this approach defines
new roles for the participants
analyse their knowledge and ideas
translate into legal and practical terms
help to realise the plans
better acceptance
solutions on a good scientific basis,
but adopted to the regional situation
agencies as communication
and knowledge centres
universities as experts in the regions
developing PRACTICAL solutions
people as responsible actors
(not only reacting on external inputs)
Stuttgart 21
how to plan a station
nobody needs...
Bridge over Elbe
in Dresden
(Collision with
UN Cultural Heritage)
do we learn from our errors?
Serious flooding events in Germany:
1999: Danube
1997: Odra
1999: Danube
2002: Elbe
2006 Danube and Elbe
high economic damage, many lives lost
Politicians opinion:
"must be more careful in planning,
no housing areas in floodplains..."
A Niedersachsen municipality has
granted a 100 houses area
in a floodplain three years later
Aarhus convention
Free Information Access Directive
National Acts
... (who wants to hear this?)
tools and methods
for a good communication
standard tools
press releases...
electronic tools
environmental reports:
map servers:
data services: see above
videos ...
planning processes
interviews, ...
interactive participation
story telling
mind mapping
round table discussions
online portals...
taking people in the region serious!
expenses for technical water management
rising by a factor of 6!
ecological measures stagnate
public wind parks
(Fed.Min.Env., Autumn 2002
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