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David Ipacs Presume

No description

David Ipacs

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of David Ipacs Presume

David Ipacs Prezume
My name is David Ipacs
I was born in 1983
I'm a Java developer.
But this isn't just my job, this is my hobby too.
I start programming when I was 8 years old. My father helped me to learn the basics of the Basic programming language using his ZX-81 Spectrum computer.
In the first time I created some bouncing balls (circles) without using any cycles.
I started the high school in the Engineering Technology High School of Aszód. At this time I started learning Turbo Pascal.
I graduated and I start learning Object Pascal and Delphi.
I really enjoyed that I don't need to code the UI because it has a pretty good form editor.
I started working for Micro-Team Ltd. as a Delphi and later as a C# developer. It was a very little micro-electronic company, and I was the only developer.
In most of the time I designed and implemented GPS Fleet Tracking systems using Delphi and C#.
I started to work for InfomatiX Ltd. as a Senior BlackBerry developer. My main task was to implement the BlackBerry client of the MobiAccess 3 mobile framework.
I became a Lead Developer and Architect / Product owner of the MobiAccess 4 framework. My main tasks were:
Designing a programming language, the API, and a virtual machine for the MobiAccess 4 framework
Implementing the compiler (JavaCC, JavaSE)
Implementing the virtual machine on BlackBerry and Android platforms
Technically lead and support the mobile developer team. (8 developers)
I started working at Liligo Hungary Ltd. as a Java Backend Developer. My main tasks were to develop and bugfix the backend of the Liligo webpage using Java, JSP, Servlets, MySql, Hibernate.
May 2012
It was a really cool team at Liligo, but I didn't found enough challenge. At the same time ,InfomatiX asked me to design and lead the new version of the MobiAccess framework. I decided to leave Liligo and accept this offer.
Sept 2012
Designing the MobiAccess 5 framework (language, compiler, API, IDE).
Implementing the compiler, the IDE, the emulator and parts of the API (JavaSE, JavaFX)
Technically leading and supporting the mobile development team (3 developer)
My job at InfomatiX is finished and there isn't any other project in my area (Java), so I decided to leave InfomatiX again and try to find other challenges in a different field.
Sept 2013
OO Design
Java SE
Java WEB
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