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Everything Everything

No description

Briana Jackson

on 4 December 2016

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Transcript of Everything Everything

Everything Everything
The majority of the novel takes place in Maddy's very clean, very white house. She is not allowed to leave because of her disease, so all of her daily activities and routines are in her house. She spends a lot of time in the sunroom, her favorite room, with floor to ceiling glass windows and a tropical rain forest setting. There are fake plants and a stream that goes through the room, and there is a big rock wall. Whenever Olly goes over, they see each other in this room. Later in the novel, Maddy and Olly go to Hawaii on a trip and this is where they realize that they really love each other.
My Thoughts
I thought this book was very well written and had a very nice flow to it. When the plot twist took place, I was left on the edge of my seat. I felt sympathy for all of the characters and I felt like I could relate to many of them, even with the very different life style. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a forbidden love story with a big surprise ending.
By: Nicola Yoon
Presented By: Briana Jackson

Madeline (Maddy)
Oliver (Olly)
Maddy's Mom
Maddy has a very rare disease, known as SCID. She is unable to leave her house because of the things in the world that can harm her. She is perfectly fine with this life, until she meets her new next door neighbor, Olly. As she gets to know him, Maddy gets to falling in love with Olly. Their relationship is difficult, with her disease, but she is very persistent and hopeful. Maddy is very close with her mother, which makes her days more enjoyable. She is very optimistic and imaginative. Although she can't leave her house, she pictures what the world is like and how it would be to live in it. Maddy is very intelligent, as she spends most of her time doing schoolwork and reading. Books are her "thing", especially
The Little Princess
, which she brings up a lot throughout the novel.
Olly is Maddy's new next door neighbor and soon to be lover. He has the classic skater boy look and Maddy really likes this. She says, "He's tall, lean, and wearing all black: black T-shirt, black jeans, black sneakers, and a black knit cap that covers his hair completely" (Yoon 20). He is very in control of his body and is always doing little tricks like headstands and climbing up the wall. This is one thing Maddy really likes about him because she has never seen anything like it. Olly's home life is very difficult, with an abusive father, a scared mother, and a teenage sister that smokes. His father upsets him a lot and Maddy feels really guilty when she is incapable of helping. When he finds out about Maddy's illness, he doesn't run. He doesn't leave at the first sign of trouble. He is in it with her, and it turns out to be the best decision because he loves her more than anything.
Maddy's mom is a doctor in the town and takes care of Maddy when she isn't working. Her son and husband died in a car accident just before Maddy was diagnosed, and she has never fully recovered, shaping the way she treats Maddy. At the beginning of the novel, her mom is a very likable and intriguing character. Her relationship with her daughter is like that of best friends. She shows the appropriate amount of affection towards Maddy and the reader really likes to hear Maddy talk about her. As the book progresses, though, her mom shows more overprotective qualities and begins to treat her differently. Maddy's behavior changes and becomes more like a teenagers with Olly's influence. Her mom notices this difference and becomes more strict and "motherlike". At the end of the novel, her mom reveals a big secret that completely changes the reader's view on her.
Letting Go
Spoiler Theme!
Maddy's mom never fully gets over her husband and sons death, causing her to hold on to Maddy for years. She was completely incapable of letting her go for 18 whole years. This obviously impacts Maddy tremendously. Her life was wasted because her mother wouldn't let her experience anything in the real world. If her mom would have just let her go out and enjoy life without the lies, Maddy would have been like a normal teenager, living a fun life that doesn't revolve around medicine and checkups. Her mom, out of protection and fear of danger, isolated Maddy from anything and everything. When Maddy finds out that it was just a lie, she gets very angry and doesn't treat her mom with respect anymore, affecting how her mom feels in the end.
Maddy has a very rare disease. It is called SCID and it makes Maddy allergic to everything. This disease keeps her in her house 24/7, because if she were to leave, she could get very sick and die. She was diagnosed shortly after her father and brother died over a decade and a half ago. Her mother and Carla take care of her and she lives a very routine life reading and doing schoolwork in between her checkups. That is, until Olly and his family move in next door. The minute she sees him, Maddy is in love with Olly. They see each other through her window and that's when things start to pick up between them. Olly and his sister go over to the Whittier house to bring them a Bundt cake, and Olly asks about Maddy, but her mother said she is unable to come out, but doesn't say anything about her illness. After a few nights, Olly holds his email up to the window and they begin to talk through instant message. He doesn't know about her disease, but she ends up telling him after he asks to meet her. She begs Carla to let her meet him but she laughs in her face telling her that the consequences are too much. That is, until one day when Carla has a decontaminated Olly waiting in the sunroom. Their conversation is awkward at first, but then the loosen up. The next day, Maddy thinks she is getting sick, but she soon discovers that it is just love sickness. They continue to IM, and Olly continues to come over on rare occasions. They tell each other that a relationship can't happen because it is too dangerous for Maddy's health and too difficult, but this changes when Olly kisses her on one of his visits. Maddy's relationship with her mother worsens because she can only ever think of Olly but she doesn't do anything about it. Later, Maddy sees Olly getting beaten by his father and Maddy impulsively runs outside to help (this is the first time she's left her house since her diagnoses), revealing that they had been seeing each other. Because of this, her mom fires Carla for ever letting them see each other. A new nurse is hired, but Maddy can't stand her and calls her evil. Then, Maddy decides that living life is pointless unless you enjoy it, so she runs away. She leaves a note for her mom and runs away to Hawaii. She goes over to Olly's house and tells him that she got temporary pills that will keep her safe on the trip, even though she didn't and anything can happen to her at any minute. They have a great time and Maddy experiences new and exciting things. Then, on one of the last days, she gets sick. Olly takes her to the Maui emergency room and her mother flies to Hawaii and discharges her, against medical advice. At this point in the book, a big plot twist takes place and changes Maddy's life together.
Forbidden Love
Carla is Maddy's home nurse and has been for years. She looks after Maddy while her mother is at work, then she goes home to her own daughter. Carla has a poor relationship with her daughter, and she makes this very clear when she talks to Maddy. She tells her that Maddy is fortunate to be so close with her mother and to appreciate it because not everyone has that. Carla treats Maddy like her own. Carla strengthens Maddy and gives her hope with Olly. She wants the best for Maddy and wants her to live her restricted life to the fullest. When times are hard with Carla and Maddy, Carla says, "'It's not your fault. Life is a gift. Don't forget to live it.' Her voice is fierce" (Yoon 141). This quote sticks with Maddy for the rest of the novel, and it causes a big turning point in the plot.
Maddy and Olly's love is very strong all throughout the novel, but it is very clear that there is a struggle. Because of Maddy's inability to leave her house, she can't see Olly as much as she would like. Not only is this a major restriction, but also her mother is unaware of their relationship and forbids it. She doesn't want her daughter to get hurt because of something that is out of their control. Even with these problems in the way, Olly still loves Maddy to the best of his ability. Although times are really tough at times, he doesn't give up on her. Love is very important to both of them, especially Maddy. She says, "I was happy before I met him. But I’m alive now, and those are not the same thing" (Yoon 181). She feels as though her life started when her entered it. They need each other, and the obstacles just need to be jumped.
Maddy spends most of her days alone, without much human connection, other than with her mom, Carla and a few tutors. As expected, this influences her social abilities. When Olly first enters her life, Maddy is somewhat awkward and uncomfortable. This is due to the lack of community events that she's participated in. Not only does this affect her socially, but it affects her mentally as well. She never noticed how lonely she was until she began to have a relationship with Olly. She says, "Maybe I'm holding out hope that one day, someday, things will change" (Yoon 14). Maddy doesn't like the restrictions put on her because of her disease, and she just wants it all to go away so she can meet new people and explore the world that is so close, but untouchable.
Maddy does not regret anything that happens with Olly, but she questions it at the beginning of their relationship. She says, "And now my life doesn't make sense anymore. I almost wish I hadn't met him. How am I supposed to go back to my old life, my days stretching out before me with unending and brutal sameness?" (Yoon 162). She says this because before Olly, her days were simple, but with him, her life is different. She wants to go back to her every day, same routine lifestyle. As they get further into the relationship, though, Maddy has no regrets whatsoever. She can't imagine that boring life she used to have and continues to want what she has with Olly. Although Maddy doesn't regret her relationship with Olly, she does begin to have regrets about running away from her mother. She feels guilty about it, but at the same time she feels free. She goes off of what Carla told her, “You're not living if you're not regretting" (Yoon 186). She says this to her when Maddy is on her way to Hawaii. She is living her life, and there is no regrets with that.
"Doomed love is a part of life" (Yoon 79)
Plot (Spoilers)
When they get home, Maddy gets an email from her doctor in Maui telling her that he doesn't think she has SCID, that all of the lab results are normal. She tells her that it is not recommended to have her mother be the doctor in the situation. She is basically telling her that her mother is making up the diagnosis. She says that it would be best for her to get a second opinion and she does. She gets a confirmation that she is not, and has never been, sick. Her mom told her that she was sick because, when her husband and son died, she didn't want Maddy to die too, so she lied and said she was sick to keep Maddy with her. She was mentally unstable and then went to a psychiatrist. She does not take this well and she questions everything about her mother. She refuses to see or speak to her and she gets things that she has never been able to have before, like real plants. Later, Maddy forgives her mother and they tell each other that they love the other. Maddy then leaves and goes to New York to where Olly lives for school and they reunite.
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