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E-waste in Ecuador

No description

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of E-waste in Ecuador

E-waste landfill
E-waste is all the electronic waste that exist around the world. Electronics such as computers, televisions, microwaves, etc.

E-waste is left om the landfill of poor countries where they can't protect from that threat.

What is e-waste
Organic law of the environment
There are no national policies related with electronic waste in Ecuador
There was a great change on the 2008 which made a law about the respect towards the environment:
"Article 71, which states that Pachamama, or nature, has the right to be respected. This refers to respect for its existence, and responsibility for its maintenance and regeneration."
E-waste in ecuador
Big phone companies like Movistar are recycling the phones
The company Vertmonde helps to take out the toxic parts of the electronics to make it safer for the people and also to contaminate less the environment
What is being done?
The ecuadorian e-waste goes to municipal landfills and mixed with normal trash being a danger to people

Where does the e-waste go?
E-waste in Ecuador
e-waste in Latin America
The UN estimated that for this year,2015, 57.514 kilotons which around 4.968 kilotons (8,6%) will come from Latin American countries.

E-waste in Latin America
E-waste generated
kg per inhabited: 4.6

total in metric kilotonnes: 73

in 2014




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