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Guinea Pigs

Social Studies Presentation

Jen Gard

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Guinea Pigs

Introduction Fascinating Animal
My guinea pig inspired this topic choice
Things that aren't true
Hard to find reliable information
My presentation FACT: Guinea pigs should have
access to food 24/7 FICTION: Iceberg lettuce is a great
food for guinea pigs. FACT OR FICTION? FICTION: Guinea pigs are
fat, unintelligent creatures. Make good students
Exceptionally smart
Recognize colors, sounds,
voices, shapes, etc. Guinea pigs should not be allowed to starve
Herbivores, eat all day
Food wears down teeth Watery lettuce
People think it's good
No nutritional value
Causes upset digestive system Presentation by Jen Gard Guinea Pigs: FACT: Commercial guinea pig
diets are bad for pigs' health. Seeds, peanuts, oats, corn
Cause weight gain
Fix- Avoid high calorie foods
Fix- Compressed hay pellets FICTION: Guinea pigs can't taste
food very well. Impressive number
of taste buds
Prefer slightly sweet
Dislike bitter foods FACT: Weighing your
guinea pig weekly is a
good idea. Illnesses are hard to find
Weight fluctuations are indicators
Scales are cheap, vet visits are not FICTION: Guinea pigs yawn
when they are tired. Guinea pigs do yawn
Doesn't mean they're tired
Admitting it's defeat FACT: Cage conditions need to be
planned and thoroughly thought out. Temperatures: Between 59 and 68. F
Drafts, noises, and sunlight are bothersome
Cage: 5 sq feet
Walls: 6 inches high Conclusion As well as deepening knowledge:
Found interesting
Most people thought of the animal as lab animal
Much more to them
Dig deeper, like non-fiction CITATIONS Birmelin, I. (2008). Guinea pigs. (1st ed., pp. 5-54). Li, R. (Photographer). (2011). Iceberg lettuce. [Web Drury Pet Centre. (Producer). (2007). Rabbit & Guinea Pig Corner. (Photographer). (2010). Pellets. Murray, E. (Photographer). (2012). Weighing your Hauppauge, NY: Barron's Educational Series,
Inc guinea pig mix. [Print Photo]. Retrieved from
& Guinea Pig Pellets.jpg [Web Photo]. Retrieved from
http://3.bp.blogspot.com/MO6bTnhnOxk/Ta2V3nQ05I/AAAAAAAAAAM/lh3bxl7MN0g/s1600/pellets.jpg Photo]. Retrieved from http://sunburstkissesrowena.
files.wordpress.com/2011/06/lettuce_iceberg.jpg guinea pig. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from
weighing-your-guinea-pig/ APA
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