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Animal Cruelty

No description

destiny giardino

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Animal Cruelty

Animal Testing
The Issue with

Types of
Animal testing
Eye Irritancy
Animals are living, breathing,
heart beating
scientific beings. Animals
by its very nature is wrong and takes a considerable toll on an animals

Sometimes researches try to minimize the pain and distress experienced by the animals in their laboratory's by being fairly humane. None the less these animals still experience pain and have emotion just like us, so why would we want to cause such an innocent animal harm. Animals are held in isolated cages forced to suffering, different types of testing, which include toxins and many other harmful Chemicals. which usually end up in disease and injury; or euthanised at the end of the study.
Animals in labs are frequently treated as objects that can be manipulated at will, with little value for their lives beyond the cost of purchase, animals should have the right not to be exploited for science.

A scientist at the United States Food and Drug Administration. John H. Draize, Ph.D, developed the the eye test in 1944 to assess eye irritation caused by various chemicals. In the test, a substance is dropped into the eye of the animal, then the other serving as a control. Animals are restrained and prevented by acting naturally to the irritation.
Acute toxicity
Acute toxicity is used to determine the danger of a chemical or substance from exposure to it by mouth, skin, or inhalation. For decades this method meant using and killing a large group of animals in by poisoning with lethal doses and not until half the animals die is the test determined or examined.
Repeated Dose toxicity

Unlike acute toxicity that looks at the amount of substance required to create toxic effects in one dose, repeated dose toxicity is used to evaluate chronic toxic effects, primarily effects on various organ systems, and to establish a no-observed-effect-level.
Skin Corrosivity
Skin corrosion tests assess the potential of a substance to cause irreversible damage to the skin. Skin irritation tests determine the level of damage caused to skin such as itching, swelling, and inflammation.
Laws surrounding
Animal Testing
The criminal code of Canada, section 446 and 447 of the criminal code protect animals from cruelty, abuse and neglect.

The Health of Animals Act: (1990) It's regulations are aimed primarily at protecting Canadian livestock from a variety of infections diseases that would threaten both the health of the animals and people. Canadians trade livestock with other countries. This act is used both to deal with named diseases outbreaks in Canada, and to prevent the entry of unacceptable diseases that do not exist in Canada.

Ontario- All of the research facilities in Ontario must be registered and licensed based on the legislation Animals for research Act. Among the provisions of the Animals for research act. One should note the duty to establish an animal care committee the responsibility and powers of which are similar to those required under the CCAC system. The requirement for any operator of a research facility to submit to the person designed by the minister of agriculture, Food and rural affairs a report respecting the animals used in the research.

Regulations twenty-four governs the housing and care of the animals. Regulation twenty-five controls the condition for transportation of the animals that are used or going to be used by a research facility
Pro's, Middles, & Con's
Finding drugs and treatments to improve health and medicine. There are already some life saving medical breakthroughs that are the result of animal testing, like one heart, organ transplants, effective insulin, vaccines for deadly diseases.
It is most accurate way to learn the effects of substances in a living body
Many of the medications are procedures that we currently use today wouldn't exist and the development of the future treatments would be limited.
Animals many not have the exact same philology as humans but animal testing
people who buy makeup and are against animal testing but don't protest.
people buy new hairsprays with new abilities to create certain style
Animal being brutally murdered, treated like objects and thrown around like nothing
The cost of housing animals, food, treatments, controlling, the environment, is very expense
Morality which each living thing has the right to live their life
-50 to 100 million animals are killed each year
- Animals are killed after being experimented with
-testing includes: testing for toxicity, brain and dental research, surgical experiments, developing new techniques for surgery, causing cancer, and/ or infections to study them and develop new cures, killing the animal to collect tissues and/ or study cells etc.

-Animal testing should be ended because many animals are tortured by humans and suffer. Humans take advantage of their ability to dominate other species in many different ways.
-150 baboons suffered brain damage from artificial whiplash in the University of Pennsylvania.
- In the University of Kansas led to monkeys vomiting, the inability to move and severe tremors.
- For many experiments monkeys are lathered to their cages with metal tubes that are surgically attached to their backs. Experimental chemicals were continuously pumped into the monkeys veins through the tube.

Alternatives and Reliability
There are many different ways of performing research and conducting tests, so animal testing is not needed. Also the outcomes of animal testing may be different for humans, so animal testing is not very reliable.
-Vaxdesigns groundbreaking Modular Immune in vitro construct (MMIC) system that uses human cells to create a working dime-sized human cells immune systems for testing the safety and effectiveness HIV/AIDS vaccines.
- Food and drug administration: nine out of ten drugs that animals found safe and effective were not in humans.
- Anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry of some test animals are different than humans
- Animal testing has postponed advancements in understanding of diseases Innovative biotechnology firm Hµrel has developed a 3-D in vitro (test tube) human “liver” that scientists can use to study the breakdown of chemicals in the human body. This technology effectively mimics human organs and can be used to test cosmetics, drugs, and chemicals.

We believe that each living organism can feel pain, loneliness, and other emotions just as we do. They have a right to live, be happy and treated fairly just like us humans. Every life has right to be lived and not to be test subjects that suffer torturing and agony just for our selfish needs. Is it really necessary for girls who want like ten different hairsprays, and mascara.
What consequences do your resolution present?
By not using animals we couldn't find out certain conditions or consequences of using certain chemicals and products not knowing the result of the reaction to our bodies.
The Buddhists Answer
The Buddhists answer can be achieved by following the eight path. This involves right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration. The Buddhists good life is where desires and ambitions are extinguished, enabling people to live in harmony.
1.Right View- The right view of Buddhism is that every living thing has a purpose in life and that life is not to be mistreated, killed or forced to do such things as animal testing. Since animals don't have a voice to stand up for themselves and to say when there in pain, Scientists found testing on animals easy. Scientists are able to use artificial techniques that can be used to mimic the way certain human organs would react to drugs, cosmetics, and chemicals.

2 Right Intention- Buddhisms right intention is referred to "mental activity" or "thought". If we really think about it, is using innocent animals that has done no harm deserve to go through the pain and suffering of animal testing, that isn't even accurate most of the time. They believe that no human, animal, or living thing should experience such torture and pain.

3 Right Speech- Speak out about animal testings, by not saying anything or standing up for these animals, everything will stay the same and wont change, and the animals will continue to suffer. "Speak the Truth and say things that will help people and living things" we must speak the truth and make people more aware, and not let them suffer in silence.

4 Right Action- " Be kind to all living things, Be generous. Be truthful. Keep your mind clear". We cannot stand by while animals are being killed and tortured for our selfish needs. We are not being truthful to ourselves and others who are unaware of what is actually going on. We should help promote artificial techniques, or others that can help reduce the amount of animals that are being tested on daily.
5) Right livelihood- Earn your living, in line with Buddhist teachings". For example doing a job like animal testing where you cheat and take away life for a non-logical reason. Make-up, hair dye, and mascara do we really need these things to survive? no. It is our desires and we are being selfish and not earning our lives in line with Buddhist teachings.
6) Right Effort- "Don't think harmful thoughts. Try to feel kind thoughts towards everyone". Don't feel the need to wear so much makeup to make others think your beautiful or to be kind to you. Animals everywhere are sacrificing their own lives so that we may wear all this makeup, and us humans don't acknowledge what the may go through in order for us to wear mascara or foundation.
7) Right Mindfulness- "Become more aware of those around you, and of your own feelings. Don't live in a dream world. See things as they really are." Become more aware of where the products you may be using come from. Acknowledge what is happening to these animals, don't try and pretend that cruel animal testing isn't going on, see things as they really are.
8) "By training your mind, you will gradually get rid of hate, greed, and ignorance. Then you will be happy and at grace". Being mindful means being aware of how you act, think and what you value. being aware of your self means being aware of how you treat others. often most of us think we only need to be aware of how we treat humans. What is the difference between humans and animals? is it because they cannot speak or they are vulnerable? Babies also do not speak but it is a crime to commit such acts on them so why do we think differently when it comes to animals. Animals should be valued as much as any human being, they are not meant to be tested on. Like humans animals can breath, feel pain and have emotion but because they don't have the voice to stand up for them selves people think its okay to use them for their own selfish needs. Many people are aware of animal testing but choose to push it aside. People should be the animals voice and stand up for them.
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