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How are Anger Levels Influenced by Violent Media?

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on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of How are Anger Levels Influenced by Violent Media?

How are Anger Levels Influenced by Violent Media?

The purpose of my experiment was to determine how anger levels are influenced by exposure to violent media. For this experiment subjects were exposed to violent media and their anger levels were measured. Data was collected over the course of a 1.5 month period. This data was then analyzed to determine if violent media increased or decreased anger levels in people. The expected result was that anger levels would increase gradually with more exposure to violent media.


- The reason I am doing this experiment is because conclusions from this experiment can be used to limit a potential negative effect from exposure to violent media.


I predicted that violent media would increase anger levels gradually in participants depending on how much violent media that they were exposed to. We had this expectation because studies have shown that violent media is linked to violent behavior. Consequently being exposed to violent media should increase anger levels.

What I did was group the subjects in three groups based on how much violent media they were exposed to. Then I asked the subjects in each group to record their anger levels at 9:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 6:00 PM in a journal. I also asked each individual to record their grade level and what violent movies they had watched.

Procedure Explanation

I asked the participant to record their anger level at 9:00 AM because it was early in the morning, and they were unlikely to have been exposed to any violent media yet. Also, I also collected data at 2:00 PM because it was in the afternoon and participants were likely to have been exposed to violent media at this point. Finally, I chose to collect data at 6:00 PM because it is far enough away from 2:00 PM that it provides data on how aggression levels rise after being exposed to violent media.

I used a one to ten rating scale to determine the anger level of participants.

1: not angry at all
2: anger level associated with getting a paper cut
3: anger level associated with getting a pinch
4: anger level associated with being startled awake
5: anger level associated with someone else scaring you
6: anger level associated with doing badly on a test even after studying a lot
7: anger level associated with being stung by a wasp
8: anger level associated with being humiliated
9: anger level associated with being bullied
10: anger level associated with a severe injury
Images of Procedures
Anger Level Scale
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