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MLM Marketing Problems - #1 Cash Flow

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Mark Gubuan

on 14 September 2010

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Transcript of MLM Marketing Problems - #1 Cash Flow

MLM Marketing Solutions: Answers to the TOP 5 MLM PROBLEMS The Solution to the Top Five MLM Marketing Problems 1. WHAT top earners market
2. WHO top earners market to
3. HOW top earners market You need a SYSTEM that sells FOR YOU A System that Teaches 3 Key Things "What's in it for me?" The secret is to market products that you'd want your downline to train
on. By doing this you create a list of HIGHLY TARGETED PROSPECTS who are
already trained and ready to start producing. Why is this smart?

1. More Leads = More Money UP FRONT



4. People are looking for the expert, someone or some system they feel they can benefit from (ie, make $)


6. YOU need to be that EXPERT and that LEADER if you’re going to make any money in YOUR business, period. Ready to Discover the #1 Solution for MLM Marketers? Go to NOW And claim your right to MLM success http://MarkGubuan.LeadSystem.biz PROBLEM #2 Lack of Leads PROBLEM #3 Attrition The Law of the First Win ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING Learning New Skills is a Must "People are going to quit and there's nothing you can do about it" You can't teach a positive attitude. Yeah it sucks. But you've got have your ear to the street or else you're gonna get left behind.

A lot of you are in health and wellness or technology MLM's. Heck that's pretty much all there is these days.

So makes YOUR team better than any other team? You've got to create VALUE The magic begins when your team realizes that they are appreciated, loved, and celebrated.

People by nature are attracted to this kind of encouragement. Celebrate each success as they occur.

1. Lead
2. 10 Leads
3. 100 Leads
4. First sign up
5. First quitter
6. First heavy hitter
7. First heavy hitter that doesn't do anything
ETC.... PROBLEM #5 Marketing Training With "ME" being the MLM COMPANY MARKETING TRAINING that your company gives you. See folks, you're about to discover the solutions to the first four marketing problems I discussed earlier as well as this problem right now. Marketing Training The problem with most company training is what they don't tell you is that they're training you to become retailers who find customers.

They don't give you training on how to become recruiters and marketers.
Think about this for just one second.

1. Create a list of your friends and family
2. Post fliers and hand out CDS, DVDs
3. Send people to a company replicated website. WRONG !!!! Get tens of thousands of people to do this and you've suddenly answered the call for your MLM company to do their marketing for them. This is MLM marketing strategy at its finest. Am I right? Here are some basics to get you started on your MLM Marketing quest and at the end, I'll show you the best resource that I've used and implemented to get faster results and to put money in my pocket right away. 1. Brand Yourself Like Coke and Pepsi branded themselves, you too must follow suit. Just start with a couple of simple terms that describe your main purpose in MLM. Like quality, high class, perfection, integrity, leadership, etc.

And start build yourself up to display these qualities to the market. ie. Your potential recruits and customers.

This is important and is NEVER taught in traditional mlm companies. There is a shift and you can be a part of this revolution. 2. Creating Content The content you create will define your brand and how you promote it. Have you ever logged onto a website a realized the information was crap??


Do you want people to have that kind of reaction?


You must bring incredible value to the community or else you will be seen as an amateur. No one wants to join amateurs only professionals.

To get your content, I suggest reading blogs, buying products, and connecting to increase your knowledge and to increase your awareness for what people want to learn RIGHT NOW!

I go to CopyBlogger.com and BetterNetworker.com to think of new ways to connect with my community. 3. Promotion (aka. marketing) Offline and online marketing are very effective ways of displaying your brand. So what do you do first? Easy, you need to evaluate whether or not you have time to do online or offline marketing.

I suggest doing online marketing because you can reach a wider audience and you can also leverage your time and energy spent by using technology.

To promote your band (ie. You, Inc.), get a Facebook page and a WordPress blog and start creating content to share.

Share this content on a regular basis. Now this needs to be done with consistency, to see ANY results. It is so easy to do, yet people make excuses all the time about not doing the easy stuff.


Use search engine optimization and active backlinking strategies to get people to find your content.

Create content that links BACK to your ORIGINAL content so that people searching on the internet for your information can find it.

This is a simple strategy.

If you want more information on how to do this, you need to get to the end of this information. 1 2 5 4 3 So you got all hyped up from the opportunity meeting. Your palms are sweaty, you feel flushed, and you reach for your credit card and you say emphatically, "Sign Me UP!!" In the first 30 days, you call your parents, you call your siblings, heck you even call your ex girlfriends!! Ok. So maybe you don't do that, but maybe you even go as far as calling old high school buddies, co-workers, pizza delivery drivers and even that weird guy in the elevator. Suddenly reality sets in... you've talked to seriously EVERYONE you know. EVERYONE!!

Who are you going to talk to now?

You start looking back to that first meeting... and think to yourself, "What the heck, they said all I had to do was talk to 5 people!?!?!"

"I've talked to at least 50! I should be filthy rich!!" So now what? You remember the last super Saturday meeting where they sold you a bunch of awesome fliers that explain the opportunity and the DVD's that show the comp plan and you think, "Oh yeaaahhh! Duh." I need to pass out 100 of those and I'll start building in no time" You're left feeling defeated, rejected, and angry. You don't really know what to do next.

You think to yourself, "it would be so easy if people would just call ME and contact ME about making money." YOU!! So how do you REALLY combat attrition? First of all you need to create the EXPECTATION of what is
going to happen next.

Your expectation is that they continue to do personal
development. Give them THE SAME resources that you studied to
get to where YOU'RE AT.

You want to duplicate right? Well doesn't it make sense that
they follow the same path as closely as possible? NO MONEY your friends and family hate you Let's Review... The Basics.... Cash Flow Leads Attrition Duplication Marketing Training Need a Product That Brands You as a Leader Magnetically Attract People to You "How does this work and will it work for ME? PROBLEM #1 Cash Flow "Champaign Wishes and Caviar Dreams"
- Robin Leach Virtual Millionaire Defined: An individual that has zero debt and a passive or near passive income of at least 60,000 a year.

For example, if you had $2,000,000 in the bank earning 6% interest, you would have $120,000 of yearly income. This income is known as PASSIVE income. It is called passive because you weren't active in the production of this income. In other words, you did not work to get it. Yes, you worked to save the $2,000,000, but the income from the $2,000,000 keeps coming in without work. 30 DAYS Later.... "I want you to succeed."
-Mom 100 Sign Ups ZERO 60 DAYS Later.... 90 DAYS Later... Ground Floor Opportunity 2 YEARS OF HARD WORK Recruit Everyone YOU KNOW! "I'm NOT a QUITTER!!" 200 PROBLEM #4 Duplication You've done a fantastic job recruiting and training. Or at least you thought you were doing a great job training.... Why aren't they Duplicating? You've got to LEAD BY EXAMPLE The Law of the First Win You've got to take things to the next level! So recall from the attrition problem. People like to go to places where they're appreciated, championed, uplifted, part of a team or community, motivated and frankly feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Wow so first you dealt with the issues of cash flow, lead flow, attrition, and now you have the keys to success....

What gives!??!?!

Why the heck is your team doing? You've told them exactly what you did. It's because they're watching what you're doing and they're doing that. So give them books, websites, training, advice, what ever it was that made YOU successful. So what you do is you get people excited for each other's

Take the campfire analogy as an example.

You start with some kindling. Host a webinar where you
celebrate a leader's success in generating 100 leads. Talk
about how they did that and congratulated them.

Throw some small logs on the fire. Host another webinar where
you talk about how this leader's recruit generated 100

This will make people see that your team is absolutely the
right team to join because success is happening. Then you through huge logs on the fire. You recognize when someone duplicates your success and then when the people under that leader duplicate your success, then BAM!!! You've got a roaring fire that won't quit. First of all you need to create the EXPECTATION of what is going to happen next.

Your expectation is that they continue to do personal development. Give them THE SAME resources that you studied to get to where YOU'RE AT.

You want to duplicate right? Well doesn't it make sense that they follow the same path as closely as possible? People like to go to places where they're appreciated, championed, uplifted, part of a team or community and where they are motivated
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