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Fabulous on a Fixed Schedule

Practical ways to make your library fabulous, even when your schedule is fixed.

Jocelyn Sams

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Fabulous on a Fixed Schedule

Challenge #1: No Assistant Problems What is your biggest challenge on a fixed schedule? Respond at http://todaysmeet.com/fixedschedule Connect With Me Jocelyn Sams
Library Media Specialist Challenge #2: Split Focus Problems Challenge #3: Collaboration Solutions Challenge #4: Not Enough Time Problems Fabulous on a Fixed Schedule http://elementarylibrarian.com Elementary Librarian elem_librarian jocelyn@elementarylibrarian.com All library responsibilities handled by one person Schedule makes it difficult to complete essential tasks Solutions Allow students to check out their own books http://tinyurl.com/odf56yw Order books preprocessed "Employ" student library helpers Teaching unrelated classes Other responsibilities - updating website, newspaper liaison, changing outdoor sign, etc. Solutions Make the library your top priority http://tinyurl.com/q9x4tq2 At the same time, be flexible. We must keep the school's best interests at heart as well. Start small - pack a basket of books for each homeroom when they visit the library Informal collaboration - eat lunch with other teachers and ask how you can help enhance their instruction More ideas: http://tinyurl.com/qbtx5oy Problems When can I meet with teachers? No scheduled time for collaboration Impossible to get everything done So many good ideas, so little time Solutions Do the very best you can do with the resources you've been given to work with and be happy with it Don't compare yourself to others - every situation is different Use resources to your advantage: http://tinyurl.com/ppgfuc5 by Jocelyn Sams http://elementarylibrarian.com
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