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The Online Platforms & Functions

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Jilgo Menguez

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of The Online Platforms & Functions

Online Platforms & Functions
In personal Computing, a Platform is the basic hardware (computer) and software (Operating system) on which software applications can be run.
What does Platform really mean?
A Platform is a group of Technologies that are used as a base upon which other applications, processes, or technologies are developed.

In personal Computing, a platform is the basic hardware (Computer) and software (Operating System) on which software applications can be run.
The operating system acts as an interface between the computer and the user and also between the computer and the application
Computers uses specific central processing units (CPU's) that are designed to run specific machine language code. In order for the computer to run software applications, the application must be in the CPU's binary coded machine language.

Thus historically, application programs written for one platform would not work in a different platform.
Additionally, a "platform" is a system that can be programmed and therefore customized by outside developers - users - and in that way, adapted to countless needs and niches that the platform's original developers could not have possibly contemplated, much less had time to accommodate.

So, "The key term in the definition of platform is 'programmed'. If you can program it, then it's a platform. If you can't, then it's not."
According to Mark Andreessen online platforms can be breakdown into three fundamental approaches or levels. These are:

Level 1, platform's apps run elsewhere, and call into the platform via a web services API to draw on data and services -- this is how Flickr does it.

Level 2, platform's apps run elsewhere, but inject functionality into the platform via a plug-in API -- this is how Facebook does it. Most likely, a Level 2 platform's apps also call into the platform via a web services API to draw on data and services.
Level 3 platform's apps run inside the platform itself, the platform provides the "runtime environment" within which the app's code runs.
What involves in an Online Platform?
A platform involves an
operating system
, the computer system's coordinating program, which in turn is built on the instruction set for a processor or microprocessor, the hardware that performs logic operations and manages data movement in the computer. The operating system must be designed to work with the particular processor's set of instructions.
Each platform provided a different application program interface for different system services.

For example...

A modern laptop running Windows as an operating system. Other examples would be an Apple computer running the Mac OS X operating system and the androids.

Microsoft's Windows is built to work with a series of microprocessors from the Intel Corporation that share the same or similar sets of instructions and so as for the Macs OS and Androids.
Online Platforms and Functions Nowadays
Because of technological innovations and advancements, new standards-based interfaces and open interfaces allow applications programs to run on multiple platforms. Additionally, software developers have developed software tools that allow applications to run on multiple platforms. This has given rise to the terms cross-platform software and multi-platform software.
As a Summary
(Base on our Group Discussion and Understandings)
Online Platform refers to a base configuration which is programmed and is anchored to run a specific software or an application. However, due to the modern technologies, online platforms is merging together in order to form a multiple functions which could be useful for the users and maximize the potential use of the web.
So, in order to have a functional device, you need hardware and an operating system together or a platform to make a usable computer for a program to run on.
Thank you for your Attention :)
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