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PACE Program Orientation Presentation


Robert McAndrews

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of PACE Program Orientation Presentation

for new students and parents
PACE Orientation
Mrs. Tammy Alexander
Welcome to the PACE Program
Assistant Principal
Mr. Michael Heckman
Program Manager
Mrs. Karen Cullum
PACE is a credit recovery / accelerated
education program.

PACE is student centered. We focus on learning
and achieving during every part of every day.

PACE is designed to help you graduate
and achieve your goals.
rogram for
So why the PACE Program?
PACE is here to support, motivate and help you to accomplish your goal of high school graduation.
Students focus on two subjects at a time, rather than six.

Student have immediate access to their teachers.

Students are offered multiple chances to learn material,
and are supported until they are successful.

Students are given the opportunity to connect papers
to related projects.
How does PACE work?
How is it achieved?
Meet minimum graduation requirements and
follow PACE attendance, academic and discipline rules.
Graduation Requirements
Social Studies
Speech (Comm Apps)
SS/Science Elective
Fine Art
Physical Education
4 credits
3 credits
3 credits
2 credits
1/2 credit
1 credit
1 credit
1 credit
6.5 credits
22 Credit Plan
PACE Advisors
Advisors are assigned to each student admitted into the PACE program.

Advisors assist students in setting goals and career planning.

Advisors monitor students' progress towards high school graduation.

Advisors give information to students
regarding their credits and modules.
PACE Staff
Karen Cullum - Office Manager

Bonnie Hubbell - Administrative Assistant
Attendance Requirements
Students must be in attendance for a
minimum of 25 hours per week and must clock in at the main PACE Office, Room 302

Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
PACE Time Clock
The PACE time clock is the Texas state official attendance record.
Students must be clocked in by 8:30 am and may not leave before 12:30 pm or you will be counted absent for the day.
Time cards are placed on the board after clocking in and out for the day.
Time Cards
Regardless of the student's age, parents will be notified if the minimum attendance requirements are not met.
In the case of an extended illness, you must provide valid documentation (note from doctor) to the PACE office within 48 hours of absence.
In order to graduate, you must come to school.
Each course at PACE is divided into
sections of academic work. The work is in the
form of a packet that we refer to as a module.

Each module will consist of a variety of assignments such as computer work, essays, daily assignments, projects and tests.

Students are expected to complete at least one module per week, however, you are strongly encouraged to complete more!
Students can receive 1.5 or 3.0 elective credits upon successful completion of the work program.

Students work a minimum of 15 hours per week at a job in the community.

Students attendance at PACE is reduced to 20 hours per week as long as Mrs. Ewing has verified your employment.
Marketing - Work Program
Sixty percent of students grade is based upon employer evaluation. Forty percent is based on academic work.

Get paid while earning high school credits

Interested? Contact Ms. Ewing at 281.641.7433 or email tina.ewing@humble.k12.tx.us
Marketing - Work Program
Respect yourself and others
Keep our building clean and safe
Keep working toward you goal of graduation
All Humble ISD district rules apply at PACE
ie: no tobacco, no alcohol, no drug use, etc.
Do not communicate with students in Long Term
No cell phone use at any time. Turn it off and keep it put away and out of sight.
No electronic devices. No listening to music during class. Pay attention to your assignments.
No misuse of the internet. Do not go to unauthorized websites, no streaming video or music.
Students may not take textbooks home
Students may use PACE telephones only with permission.
No backpacks. No large purses.
Humble ISD
Dress Code
The following garments
are not permitted:
mini-skirts, spaghetti straps, PE/Athletic sweat pants, leotards, halter tops, tube tops, tank tops, sagging pants, extremely tight or loose fitting clothing.

No exposed midriff. No sleepwear. No garments with ads or references to drugs, alcohol, sexuality, etc.
Young men must shave before coming to school or they may be asked to do so in the nurse's office.
No hair coverings of any kind
Sideburns must be neatly trimmed not to extend below the ear
Hair must be clean, neat and trimmed
Young men must shave before coming to school or they may be asked to do so in the nurse's office.
No hair coverings of any kind
Sideburns must be neatly trimmed not to extend below the ear
Hair must be clean, neat and trimmed
NO Visible Tattoos

No Visible Piercings

No earrings on
Young Men
PACE is a closed campus. students may not leave campus to go out to lunch.

Students may purchase lunch in the cafeteria or bring lunch. microwaves and refrigerators are available
PACE Lunch
In order to drive and park at PACE, student must complete and submit and an application to the PACE Office

Students must park on the east side of the building
Student Drivers
Humble ISD offers bus services to our students. Please pick up a transportation schedule if interested.
PACE Lunch is from 12:35 until 1:05 pm

Free and/or reduced lunch is available for those who qualify
Remember your goal of
graduating and follow the rules
The District Truant Officer will be contacted if clock hour requirements are not met.
Discipline Procedures
Disciplinary Offenses
Alcohol, Drugs,Weapons,
Fighting, Profanity,
Cheating and/or Stealing
that could lead to dismissal
from the PACE Program include:
Discipline for serious offenses may lead to suspension, removal to the discipline program or returning to your home campus.

Refer to the Student-Parent Handbook for more information regarding class A and class B offenses and consequences.

Don't Get Dismissed
All students will be monitored in order to gauge their success in the PACE program

Students who do not meet the minimum attendance and module requirements may be returned to their home campus

Students who receive excessive discipline
referrals may face suspension, be assigned
to the discipline program or be removed
from the program. Parents will be notified.
Students who are removed will return to home campus and must be successful for a six week period.
Procedures for
Students must be in attendance at least 90%
of the time before they can be considered for placement in the PACE program.
Students not meeting academic standards must sign an academic contract.
You hold the key
to your success
You are responsible
for your own results
It's a new year and a new you
Students MUST pass the state requirements for
in order to receive a
high school diploma.
Graduation Requirements
Social Studies
Questions Regarding
Senior Year & Graduation
You are still a student at your home campus and will participate in senior activites with your class.

Senior Photos
Project Graduation
Dates and Announcements will be posted on your school website. Be sure to visit the website frequently.
Humble I.S.D.
PACE Web Page
If you forget the webpage address, you may simply "Google" Humble ISD PACE and locate the page.
Here you will find a list of your teachers with contact information, the PACE Handbook, a list of elective courses available and lots of other PACE information.
PACE Faculty and Staff
What is PACE ?
Failure to attend and maintain module count can result in dismissal from the PACE program
Multiple discipline referrals can lead to dismissal from the PACE program
Why Are You Here?
DO NOT ask, "which class is the easiest?
DO NOT ask, "how fast can I finish?"
These questions set a bad impression!
You will be done when you have successfully completed the class objectives. Do your best work and you will get through.
PACE Bucks
Upon successful competion of one module, you will receive a PACE BUCK.

PACE bucks may be spent in the PACE office to purchase drinks and snacks.
PACE buck may only
be used between
10:00 - 10:30 am.
Some teachers do not allow food or drinks in the classroom, you may have your snack in the office.
Frequently Asked Questions
and Misconceptions
I want to attend PACE because I heard that I do not have to attend very much and that they have a flexible schedule.
NOT TRUE. You MUST meet the 25 hour attendance requirement. You must be clocked in by 8:30 am
and you must finish a MINIMUM of one module per week.
Frequently Asked Questions
and Misconceptions
I think that I can do 18 credits in 5 months.
NOT TRUE: PACE is not magic. You must still work hard to earn your credits.
Each credit is the equivalent of six modules. 18x6=108 modules. If you complete one module per week. It will take you 108 weeks or 27 months to complete 18 credits.
Set a goal each week, stay focused
and your goal will be attainable.
Students who meet their attendance
and module requirements will be
invited to attend a goal party which
is hosted by your teachers every
other month.
* Credit requirements may vary depending upon your cohort (your graduating class).
PACE is a SUPERVISED Self-Paced Program

This means that you are expected to
maintain an acceptable level of mastery
in your classes. PACE defines that level
of mastery to be at least one module
completion per week.

Interim Progress Reports

You will be evaluated every three weeks by the building principal.
Students may be sent back to
campus if they are fail to meet:
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