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Ghost Nets

No description

Lauren Wilson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Ghost Nets

Ghost Nets Ghost Nets are nets that have
been torn, lost, or simply
left behind by fishermen. These nets can get tangled up in
rocks, coral reefs, and even other
animals. Instead of struggling to
pull them back up, most fishermen
either let them tear, or cut them
themselves so they fall the the sea
floor. Gillnets:
Nets that are used by
several fishermen that are
anchored to the ocean floor
to catch more fish over a wider
range. These nets get over filled very quickly
and when this happens the net tears and with the
anchors at the bottom then net captures all
creatures inside of it. These creatures will eventually
die by either starvation, suffication, or being eaten
by crustations on the ocean floor. There are no laws placed that says
fishermen must pull up their nets. The French
government tried to give rewards to those who
found nets in the coral and brought them up. This
ended shortly when people soiled their own nets
for the reward. For more information check out:
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