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briam miller

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Black Widow
Gordon Grice Synopsis Purpose Thesis Essay Type Diction Techniques Sentence Structures Tone Intended Audience -Gordon Grice explains is love for black widows through this essay
-Grice explains how they create a web to draw in prey
-The complexities of the web and their prey consumption
-Black Widow's prey can vary greatly
-His own accounts and various myths of Black Widows. The purpose of this essay was to retell stories involving the narrator and his involvement with Black Widows, as well to inform the reader of details about Black Widows. -A thesis was not clearly presented.

-There is no need to fear the unknown Expository Essay: investigates and explains an idea using evidence.

The essay explains details about Black Widows, providing evidence to show that they work in a certain way and there is no real danger.
Diction is very well suited to audience.

Author's choice of words were well suited to what he was trying to explain

Slightly informal diction Repetition


Personal anecdotes

Short sentences which makes the flow of the essay choppy, but easy to read and follow. Sentence length varies when he explains or describes something. Detached and Informative

Not as personal, the short sentences make it seem like he is spouting off information. Teenagers (13+) and older would be interested in this. Although the content would be interesting, this essay could be geared to further their understanding and lessen their fear of spiders. Conclusion An effectively written essay by Gordon Grice, informing the reader that one should not fear the unknown. Instead learn what you do not know so as not to fear it, rather understand it.
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