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Differentiation in the Classroom

Induction Differentiation

D'Lane Joens

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of Differentiation in the Classroom

Differentiation in the Classroom WHY? ALP's, IEPs, IDEA
(Federal Mandates) Its good for kids!
-learning modaliities It's FUN! Biology of Choice Prepare students for a variety of learning and life situations A professional and responsive mind-set Steps BeforE
Differentation What will the
students know
and be able to
do? (ELT & DLO) Idenfify students with special needs, interests or learning modalities Identify summative and formative assessments Design and deliver pre assessments based on learning targets and objectives Grouping Flexible Fluid - changes and reshapes Achievement data, interest, learning style, random Meets the purpose for the objective IDEAS Fair not equal Differentiate the product Differentiate the Process Differentiate the depth of knowledge (Bloom's) Differentiate the difficulty of the skill Tic Tac Toe Cubing Tiered Instruction Menus Choice Boards Homework Differentiate the Content Management R.A.F.T. Start slow Whole Group

Organized! Routines/procedures Anchor Activities Compact Curriculum http://2differentiate.pbworks.com Think Dots small group Whole Group
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