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Angles of the Sea.

No description

Jaden Banaszewski

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Angles of the Sea.

Angles of the Sea.
Describe the oceans beauty
The angelfish is a flat,triangular fish that can grow up to a foot long. The males are noticeably larger then females.
The oceanic version of angle fish live in the Tropical Atlantic,Indian,and West Pacific
Angelfish eat many of three things, algea, shrimp, and prawns.
Fish are food.
These fish, besides being elegant pets, are mainly a source of food for bigger fish.
Sadly no information was given, but to make up for this i give you another fact. There are three classes of Angle fish
What class are angelfish
The female and male find a partner and then clean a chosen flat surface. Then the female lays eggs, finally the males fertilizes them.
Extinct or not Extinct
Angelfish are no close to endangered or extinct, unless you check Wikipedia.
Angelfish are both fresh water and salt water, depending on the species
angelfish are a nekton species.
All angle swim freely close to the sun in tropical and warm climates.
If the seas are warm
they are here
The fresh water species live in rivers in Africa.
They are hungry
To these creatures, they are very dangerous.
Everyone likes sleep
Angelfish are diurnal, meaning they sleep at night are active in the warm days.
Home sweet home
The angelsish do not move, aslong as the water is nice and they have food, it's their home.
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