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HMS Belfast

No description

arjan van der heijden

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast
why is it made. A
Technical aspects J
what battles is it used for, ships it sank. J
what is it used for NOW A
History of the name J
??virtual tour?? A
HMS Belfast
Technical aspects (1939)

-Class & type: Town-class light cruiser

-Displacement: 11,550 tons
-in comparison to Triple E (55,000 tons)

-Length: 613 ft 6 in (186.99 m) overall

-Armament: 12 × 6-inch guns (4×3)
12 × 4-inch dual purpose guns (6×2)
16 × 2-pounder AA (2×8) "pom-pom"

-Camouflage: Disruptive

-It also housed around 900 crew members, officers, generals and sailors
HMS Belfast
Technical aspects.
Battles it fought in and ships she sunk.
Nautical flags.
What is it used for now.
what is the HMS Belfast used for now?
Battles she fought in and ships she sunk.
-The second world war, as a part of the British naval blockade

-Sinking of the Scharnhorst

-It was part of D-day (covering force in Normandy)

-Korean war
UN naval forces

-Modernisations (1956)

Pro Tanto Quid Retribuamus.

life on board
life at war
inner workings
trademark: Arjan van der Heijden & Jop Sforza
Labellascola casa editrece ©

Hms belfast in comparison to the Mærsk Triple E
(and a beautiful whale)
De Echo ®
Thank you or listening!
We enjoyed to make this presentation and present it to you!
It means:
With three numerals, course in degrees magnetic.
with 4 or 5 numerals longtitude
I have a pilot on board
My vessel is 'healthy' and I request free pratique.
I belong to the Royal Navy of Great-Britain
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