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A Mother in Mannville

No description

owen cronce

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of A Mother in Mannville

A Mother in Mannville
Story By: Marjorie Rawlings
Project By: Owen Cronce

The story takes place in a cottage maintained by an orphanage. A woman has come to the cottage looking for a quiet place to write. She meets Jerry, a twelve-year-old who has been at the orphanage since he was four. Jerry has been sent to help with odd jobs for her. She quickly discovers Jerry is strong for his size and age, but he is also ambitious and kind. As the story goes on Jerry reveals that he has a mother in Mannville, a bordering town. He tells the woman that his mother sends him gifts, and she is angered that a mother would willingly give up her child.

Before leaving, the woman stops at the orphanage to say goodbye to Jerry, and to leave money for the orphanage owner to purchase gifts for Jerry on holidays and birthdays. It is then that Rawlings ends her story with a saddening bit of irony. Jerry has not been receiving gifts from his mother in Mannville in fact, Jerry does not have a mother.
A Mother in Mannville takes place up in the Appalachian Mountains within a small mountain town. In this town lies ann orphanage about a half a mile away from some cabins. As for the time of the story it is sometime in the late 1930's during the season of Fall.
A woman moves to the mountains to work. While she is there she meets a boy named Jerry.Their relationship grows and also their trust as time moves on.The woman leaves for the weekend and during that time, Jerry and her dog are also growing a bond. Later Jerry mentions his mother, making the woman feel angered.Jerry then disappears in the mountains. The woman is about to leave and goes to the orphanage to drop of money for Jerry. To her surprise, she finds out that Jerry had lied to her about having a mother.
Point of View
In A mother in Manville the story is told in first person because in the story the woman/narrator uses the words I and We. In this case we are reading what she is thinking and what she is doing.
In a Mother in Manville there are three characters; two being major and one being minor. Let's start with the minor character Miss Clark. Miss Clark is the orphanage owner who seems to be a character with little to no emotions. The next character Jerry is a young orphan who just wants a chance at a family and meets a woman who he seems to bond with and in the end still has no mother. The last character in the woman/narrator who comes up to a cabin in a mountain town and meets jerry whom she bonds with and cares for but in the end she doesnt catch that the boy wanted her as his mom.
The theme of a mother in manville is regreting the things you have lost and how you would do anything to have it back to cherish. This would make sense because the boy wanted a mother and he would go to the point of making up complete lies just to get one. Also the woman im sure if there was a second story the woman would walk to the ends of the earth just to have the boy and take her in as her son.
Out of the two main characters Jerry and the woman/narrator one has to be the antagonist and one has to be the protagonist. I think that Jerry is the antagonist not because he is a bad boy but a protagonist is a person that gets in a squeeze because of the antagonist. Which would make Jerry the antagonist because if Jerry had never met the woman she would have never been looked down upon in the end of the story. Which clarifies that the woman/narrator is the Protagonist.
There were two types of irony in A Mother in Manville which were Situation irony and Verbal irony. For situational irony was Jerry wanting to spend more time with the woman but at there last chance to meet Jerry doesn't show up. For Verbal irony it was when the woman has a connection between her father and Jerry. Calling them both trustworthy with much integrity but in the end she finds out that Jerry lied to her.
The Symbol in A mother in Manville that stood out to me the most was the fireplace connecting to Jerry's sign of comfort. It said The fireplace in the cabin is like a warm barrier from the cold(outside world). Around the fire in the cabin with the woman he feels comfort and safety.
Mood and tone
The Mood of A Mother in Manville seems to be a sad mood. Jerry looks to be a lonely boy who just wants a family to care about him. The tone of this story is ironic as said before the women thinks that Jerry is a trustworthy person but at the end she finds out that he has lied all along.
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