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The Garden of the Stubborn Cats

Short Story Presentation

dana carpenter

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of The Garden of the Stubborn Cats

Dana Carpenter, Remi Crist, Trisha Baker, Abby Brighton, Allison Hartman The Garden of the Stubborn Cats Characters The Marchesa: Theme old woman
lives in underdeveloped house in city
owner of the garden of cats The resilience of nature. Marcovaldo: poor factory worker
up for adventure
curious Wildlife can always finds a way to survive even when humans take away from their habitats. Uninhabitable Despite that the cats have lived peacefully alongside the humans for ages,the humans' desire to build and develop the city has destroyed the cats' habitat. The city has become uninhabitable to the cats. Meaning of the Title As the city turns into a negative space filled with buildings, the cats manage to find the last area of nature that is left. Ancient "The Garden of the Stubborn Cats" The city has been the cats' dwelling place for many generations. The author describes the cats as an ancient race living amongst humans in the city. Summary Secrecy The cats are described as very mysterious, private creatures, unwilling to disclose the location of their hideout to just anyone. In the story, Marcovaldo follows a cat to find Marchesa's little green where they live. The garden of the cats is taken away from them and they are stubborn when they discover that a new building will go there. By: Italo Calvino Marcovaldo notices a cat during his lunch break
Marcovaldo saw a fish tank filled with trout in a restaurant and decides he will catch one for himself
After his successful catch, the cat he was following stole the fish and Marcovaldo follows it to a garden
Spotting his fish in a tree, he tries to free it. Before he does a woman gets the fish and begins cooking it
A bunch of older women explain to Marcovaldo that the garden is the only place left for the cats to live
Marcovaldo decides to ask the Marchesa why she stole his fish, and she ignores his question, but explains that the cats keep her prisoner there
A few months later, the cats slowly disappear, but then reappear around the same time the Marchesa dies
The garden is sold, and the cats try to keep contractors from building on it The cats try to sabotage the paperwork that the Marchesa needs to sell the garden. The cats try to distract the construction workers by hissing at them. valuable moral (preserve environments)
strange plot
helpful dialogue
unusual writing style (magic realism)
Text to text: The Lorax
Text to self: Recycling
Text to world: Amazon Rainforest Opinion Italo Calvino Itinerary Literary Techniques The cats yearn to find and follow the path of their ancestors, despite hardships of life on the treacherous city streets. The route to the Marchesa's safe garden remains hidden to most, however, the furry felines know it by heart.
Calvino's style of writing
Literature that has a realistic setting but the other elements of the story are known to be fictitious. Magical Realism PersonifiCATion The stubborn nature of the cats
The fact that the cats "own" the garden
They will not let Marchessa leave her home Indigence The Marchesa, originally an Italian noblewoman, was driven into poverty and indigence because the stubborn cats refused to leave her garden or permit her to sell it to the contractors. The cats supposedly ruined her life by making their homes on her property, and wouldn't budge, even chased away the lawyers when she tried to make a deal. Imagery The Condition of the city when the cats had their freedom
The journey as Marcovaldo follows the Tabby cat 5 Relevant Words from the Story Born in Cuba but grew up in Italy
Fought in WWII
Fighting with the Italian Resistance gave Calvino ideas for some of his writings
Known for his fables
Story is an excerpt from Marcovaldo: Or the Seasons in the City written in 1963 and translated by William Weaver in 1983
Relates to story by his experience in the war with conflict between man and environment Works Cited Calvino, Italo. “The Garden of Stubborn Cats.” Literature: Timeless Voices, Timeless
Themes. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall 1999. 540-4. Print.
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