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American Revolution

No description


on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of American Revolution

How did the people´s opinion lead to a revolution ?
The American Revolution was very important for many people it is an intresting historical event, in this presentation we will show you why .

Why did it began ?
The Stamp Act was a law imposed by the British in british products that they sold in America. But the americans refused to buy British products and the british buisness men get mad , so the goverment
repealed the law.
Stamp Act
Was a rebelion against british goverment when they put a tax on tea , the colonist dressed like american indians,and in the night they enter to the boats that were transporting tea and threw it to the ocean.
Boston Tea Party
Was the killing of five colonist because
they were bothering the british soldiers,
they get desperateness and shot .
This cause unhappiness to the british
Boston Massacre
It was when Thomas Jefferson and other patriots wrote a document saynig that they were now free and would not be part of the British socienty anymore.
WAS THE FIRST ...........
We hope you enjoy and learn from this presentation .
See you next time !!!!!!!!!!
Thank You !
American Revolution
Driving Question
It began
Because the British and the colonists were fighting against the French in the seven years war, and they were in debt. They began taxing the colonists to get out of debt. The colonists thought this was unfair, and mutinied. But they also said that if they were asked niceley they will get the money.
Battle of Lexington
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