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My Goals

No description

Taty Cokley

on 12 March 2017

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Transcript of My Goals

Short Term Fitness Goals
Good health
- One of my goals for this year was to complete the suggested 60 minutes of moderate activity daily, yet I accomplished this and I currently workout after school and before my shower for 30 minutes each.
Total Fitness
- My goal for total fitness is to cut out processed food and sugars and begin to replace them with natural sugars in fruits and increase my vegetable intake. By doing this, I will be able to feel more alert and complete my daily tasks more efficiently.
Peak Athletic Performance
- I am unsure if I am going to play Tennis in college but I know I will in Summer, therefore when I am cleared a goal of mine is to complete intense cardio training to increase my endurance.
Good Health
Researchers say in order to achieve the goal of good health during your teen years, you should complete 60 minutes of daily moderate activity. Many household taks can count as part of your daily physical activity. Pushing the lawn mower, shoveling snow, and raking leaves all require a moderate amount of physical effort.
Total Fitness
Once you start feeling the benefits of being more active, you may become like a rolling wheel picking up speed. The better you feel, the more active you will want to be. After a while, you may want to change your goal to try to achieve total fitness. You may also become more interested in other aspects of your health. Many people who start exercise program develop an interest in nutritious eating and other healthful lifestyle behaviors.
Peak Athletic Performance
Achieving this goal requires a good level of overall fitness. It also requires intense training designed to develop specific sports skills. Athletes who truly want to be the best in their sport spend many hours each week in training. They know there is always room for improvement. They also know they will not continue to improve if they do not practice nearly every day.
After School Plan
Good Health
- If I do not play tennis for my university's team, I will play for fun at least twice a week when I do not workout. This way, I will be able to enjoy myself while still maintaining the health recommendation of 60 minutes of daily moderate activity.
Total Fitness
- For nutrition, I know there are many juice and smoothie places by my intended university. So, I plan to go to the gym/run to workout and afterward stop by a juice/smoothie bar to get some more fruit intake daily.
Peak Athletic Performance
- In order to play tennis to the best of my ability I will join sports clubs to do cardio and increase my muscular strength/endurance.
Mid 20s/30s
Good Health
- By this time I hope to be settled into my career, and in my 30s I assume I will have children, therefore I think it will be more difficult to build in exercise time. Yet, I will be in the medical field so I will be doing a lot of walking. I will count this as half of my daily workout and build in a 30 minute home exercise daily.
Total Fitness
- If I have children at this time, I will want them to have the most nutritious diet possible, so I will emulate that for them by keeping nutritious foods in the house with a limited amount of sweets.
Peak Athletic Performance
- If I play tennis at this point it was be for recreation, so by having good health and total fitness I will be able to still perform well. I am also going to stretch daily to keep my body fluid and flexible.
Becoming physically active at any level can positively affect your total health and performance. Not only will you feel physical benefits, but your mental health will improve, too.
My Goals
By: Tatyana Cokley
Here I am being active with friends by walking miles in Philadelphia for a march!
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