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Up In the Clouds

No description

J Kostenbader

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of Up In the Clouds

Snowflakes form based on humidity. If it is humid, it snows. Snow is frozen water that falls under 32 degrees (faranheight). Under 32 degrees water freezes so, insted of rain, snow falls. Snowflakes are sticky because they freeze to you. Have you ever ate an ice pop and your tounge has gotten stuck?! It is the same thng with snow

Snowflakes never have the same shape. They all have their own unique pattern. The way the wind is blowing effects the shape of the snowflake. If the wind is blowing fast the snowflakes fall sooner. If the wind is blowing slow the snowflake will have a nice shape.
My opinion
Up In the Clouds

David Falzone
People use snowflakes as
decoration during the winter. They do this because winter is the only time we see snow. Kids look forward to the winter for 2 main things, Christmas and snow! People also use snowflakes as decoration for their nice shape
I like snow because I get to
play with my friends. I get to
have snowball fights and build
igloos. I think snow is fun!
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