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HIVE Book report

No description

Kruminator (Kyle)

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of HIVE Book report

H.I.V.E. By Mark Walden Presented by Kyle Krum Setting Protagonist Conflict Imagery Figurative Language Theme Summary The book H.I.V.E. takes place on a secluded and still active volcano island in modern time.(No exact location is known of). Inside the volcano is a huge underground school called H.I.V.E., or the Higher Institute of Villainous Education, which trains the smartest and strongest kids across the globe in the art of villainy. The volcano appears to be miles from any land and civilization. Otto (the protagonist) immediately notices this and starts to distrust everything around him except for his friends. They then decided to break out of the school and go back to their regular lives. In H.I.V.E. the protagonist Otto Malpense is an evil genius in the making. Otto is a cunning, fast acting, observing, loyal, and naturally evil genius. The main conflict in the book H.I.V.E. is mostly character vs character. In the book Otto learns he is to spend the next six years of his life learning about villainy, but that's not what he wants to do. He and a group of new found friends decide to escape H.I.V.E. for their own lives. But as they are conducting ways for escape. The evil leader of H.I.V.E, Dr. Nero, has other ideas. He wants everyone to stay at the school and become the worst they can be. Otto's efforts to escape are watched constantly by Nero and he finds himself out witted by Nero and the other teachers again and again. I believe that the main theme for H.I.V.E. is to never give up and never surrender. Otto and his friends encounter countless trials that derail them from their wanted path but that doesn't stop them from trying to escape. For example, when a giant monster stops their attempt to escape, and they are forced to help save the school, Shelby and Laura fend off the monster with fire extinguishers until they can all escape it. The author uses a lot of imagery throughout H.I.V.E. to convey the feeling that the everyone and everything around the school are evil by using words like ominous, emblazoned, hissed, mischievous, and mysterious. These kinds of words are repeatedly used and give the school a feeling of extreme evil. Mark Walden, the author of H.I.V.E., uses a lot of figurative language to add effect to the story. For example, he uses onomatopoeia to give the school an ominous feeling in the sentence, "A door hissed open in the wall off to one side and a tall man, dressed in black, strode purposefully across the stage to the central lectern." This sentence helped add the ominous feeling to both the school and the man who walked out of the door. H.I.V.E. takes place on an isolated island which location is currently unknown during the present day. Otto has just been extracted from his old life and has been forced into a new life of villainy at the evil school H.I.V.E. where he is to study and learn how to become part of the next generation of supreme villainy. But that's not what Otto wants. So he decides to team up with some new friends in order to do the seemingly impossible and break out of H.I.V.E. Another type of figurative language the author uses is personification in the sentence, " A sudden column of flame leapt into the air in one cave and there was the sound of cheering." The author used this to create a scene of awe when introducing the school of H.I.V.E. Thanks for watching!
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