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Website Development and Designing Proposal

Website Development and Designing Proposal

BigIn IT Services

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Website Development and Designing Proposal

Web Development and Designing Proposal
Hi, we would like to take pride in introducing ourselves as BigIn IT Services Pvt. Ltd. We are a
one shop stop solution for all the Web Designing and Development needs.
The objective of this presentation is to throw some light on the importance of having a good website along with a good design to any organization.
User Friendly Navigation
: Approximately
of potential sales are lost due to poor navigation.
Make sure the site is easy to navigate (clear and understandable).
BigIn's Approach:

Important areas and sections will be highlighted to attract the users attention.
Make sure that the home page has consistent and operable navigation links.
Website Design Functionality
of people abandon the site if it takes more than
seconds to load!
BigIn's Approach:
Make sure the website load time is less than 3 seconds by optimizing the graphics and images as small as possible.
Make sure that the design is Browser Compatible by cross checking with different browsers available.
Responsive Website Design (Multi-Screen)

people browse on mobile phones and tablets,
browse on laptops and desktops.
BigIn's Approach:
Make sure user gets the same experience in all the devices and screen resolutions possible. Follows the approach - "one website; many devices".

Website Aesthetics
of people give credibility to a website by considering the look and feel of it.
BigIn's Approach:
Make sure, we use appropriate design language.
Make sure the color pattern enhances the appearance and encourages the visitor to stay longer on site and read the content.
Make sure the images used are high quality and well optimized.
Make sure none of the design elements are unnecessarily used.
Take Away
Website Designing
BigIn follows a unique approach in designing a website. Our Website Designing approach will assure the qualities specified above.
Web designing for a business or any organization greatly contributes to its Reputation, Visibility and Branding.
We shall throw some light on the Qualities that a website has to have, on designing aspect, to attract the users.
Targeted Traffic
Encourages visitors to read the maximum
on the page.
Distinguishes from
Satisfies the
Visitor Experience
Retains the
Returning Traffic
Why do any organization has to have a website?
People can find
store location
& hours.
They can find
telephone number
Email address
They can learn about
They can read credible customer
They can learn more about
They can buy
Unlike the physical business, website will be open
Internet Facts
Rise of internet users over time
97% of all the online consumers use online media when researching product or services.
"Even if the purchase is made offline"
At-least 87% of them will take an informed decision after researching online.
68% of the businesses do not have a website at all!
What are these 68% people loosing and why is a website so very important???
Website Development
Websites for a business or any organization greatly contributes to branding, reputation, sales and leads.
Advantages of a good website
We shall throw some light on the Qualities that a website has to have, on development aspect, to satisfy the user needs.
Digital Facts
Consistently represents the
Brand (improves visibility & credibility.
Helps the
between company & customers.
Distinction from the
Will attract more customers and improves
form fill ups
How do design and development share a relation???
Why is designing an important aspect in development???
Content and design should completely blend into the website.

of people do not understand what the website is all about!!!

Designing along with content should be clear and should direct people to what we want them to do.

Large blocks of small text, confusing navigation, and absurd call to actions will turn visitors away.

The choice of fonts, spacing of text, and contrast are some details that make a difference in the overall quality of the site.
All these things will affect the readability & functionality of a website.
1. Introduction
2. Objective
3. Internet Facts
4. Digital Facts
5. Importance of a Website
6. Website Development introduction
7. Advantages of a Well Planned Website
8. Qualities, Facts & BigIn's approach for a website
10. Website Designing introduction
11. Advantages of a Well Designed Website
12. Qualities, Facts & BigIn's approach for a website design
9. Importance of Design in the Development
13. Conclusion

Requirement Analysis
of developers end up with late delivery due to poor understanding on the client's requirement.
BigIn's Approach:
Make sure we understand, pen down & document each and every requirement of the client.
Make sure we do a pre- analysis on the requirement front (like finding out targeted audience).
Make sure we get all the data required for the development from the client.
Make sure we make some realistic commitments after the analysis.

Specifications development

of the developers miss half the modules given by the client.
BigIn's Approach:
Make sure we cover each and every element of the requirement.
Make sure we give a mock up of the general layout, site navigation & dynamic factors of the site, to the client before we start developing.
Make sure we wear both the customer's & client's shoes, think from their perspective & develop from their aspects.
BigIn follows the equation
It is not the company who pays the wages. Company only handles the money. It is the client who pays the wages.
We totally respect the client's money and their valuable time. We definitely add value to what we are given to do.
Once given an opportunity, we shall meet your expectations, promise all the qualities we have mentioned & also see to that the product is delivered on time

Designing & Development
61 %
of the websites do not turn out to be fruitful inspite of having a good plan in place.
BigIn's Approach:
Make sure we implement the coding in any of the technologies, frame works & Content Management Systems as per the requirement.
Make sure we do an error free coding and also take a good care on designing front so that the code do not disturb the UI.
Also we suggest some new areas that needs to be incorporated, which will be a value add to the website in future.

Unique and fresh Content
There are
chances of the user turning down the web page even though the design & navigation is good, due to poor content quality.
BigIn's Approach:
Make sure we write niche specific content.
Make sure the content is relevant to the page.
Make sure the content is unique & fresh.
Make sure the content follows all the Google's SEO guidelines.
Testing the website
of the website hit errors while going live due to improper pre testing.
BigIn's Approach:
Make sure we perform both manual & automated testing along with Integration testing, Stress testing, Scalability testing, Load testing, Resolution testing and Cross-Browser Compatibility testing; to make sure the website goes live error free.

Support & Maintenance
BigIn's Approach:
Ensures the post development support.
Make sure the website or application are in stable & in functional states all the time.
Most of the websites remains stale (without any new updations) due to poor website support.
Take Away
BigIn follows a strategic & step by step approach in developing a website. Our Website Development approach will assure the qualities specified above.
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