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Active-Passive Voice and Broadcast Style

CMJR-305 SA#2

Owen Lei

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Active-Passive Voice and Broadcast Style

Finally Once you get these down... you can break the rules. #1 Active-Passive Voice & Broadcast Style The case was declared a mistrial at 9 a.m., according to the county prosecutor. #5 Although rumors have swarmed of Washington state Governor Chris Gregoire being tapped to head the EPA, sources close to her say they aren't sure. The Vanishing Verb Think beyond the sentence. Story types: Inverted Triangle First, ask yourself "What's the verb, and who is doing that action?" (by a judge) REMEMBER, SOMETIMES THE SUBJECT WILL NOT ACTUALLY APPEAR IN THE SENTENCE. SO WHO IS DECLARING? BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO MAKE ASSUMPTIONS. "WAS DECLARED" IS THE VERB... Tempting choice, but look harder. #1 THE COUNTY PROSECUTOR SAYS A JUDGE DECLARED THE CASE A MISTRIAL THIS MORNING. ACTIVE #1 A JUDGE DECLARED (THE CASE) A MISTRIAL THIS MORNING. EVEN BETTER, IF CONFIRMED THREE VERBS HERE:
1) have swarmed
2) being tapped
3) say

But only one is
passive voice.
Which is it? #5 EVEN SOURCES CLOSE TO GOVERNOR CHRIS GREGOIRE SAY THEY'RE NOT SURE THE PRESIDENT WILL TAP HER TO HEAD THE E-P-A. How about... WHO IS TAPPING WHOM? (PLEASE, NO SNICKERING.) RUMORS ARE SWARMING THAT GOVERNOR GREGOIRE IS ON THE PRESIDENT’S SHORTLIST TO HEAD THE E-P-A, BUT THOSE CLOSE TO HER SAY THEY AREN’T SURE. #5 Even better... Watch the meaning! Only when you have to, of course. (Sardella pg. 42-43) Read out loud. "Journalese" and cliches. Approach these exercises not as an student but as an editor. Feel free to insert your own words... as long as you don't change the intent. One word can change a lot.
"A leading cause of death..." vs. "The leading cause of death..." You will catch a lot of awkward writing when you say rather than read. Prop 22 (1999)
"Only marriage between a man and a woman will be valid or recognized in California.'' THINGS TO AVOID: Broadcast Tree Diamond Hourglass
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