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Copy of Antartica

No description

shail` patel

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Antartica

INTRODUCTION Antarctica is a continent made out of pack-ice. Many animals live there . Animals such as seals, penguins, whales and all the animals that can survive the cold live there.unfortunately us people are not used to the freezing cold. Global Warming has affected Antarctica and is making the ice caps of it melt, which is making the water levels rise, so any countries that are near Antarctica will also start to flood if the ice caps continue to melt, so if the ice caps completely melt, than the countries near it will also be flooded and may even be flooded so much that it will become an underwater country! It is believed that Antarctica is rising in temperature in the last half century. How Is Global Warming Affecting Antarctica? How would non-Antarctic life forms adapt? If Antarctica expanded we will live in coldness .People will have to wear excessive clothing and live in warm igloos or houses.weather conditions can be the harshest in the whole,wide world.The first man to reach the South Pole, Roald Amundsen, set out on October 8, 1911. He used sleds and dog teams much like the Trans-Antarctica Expedition. A constant threat to the Antarctic explorer is hypothermia.Even a two or three degree drop in body temperature can be a serious because the first effect of hypothermia is a progressive inability to think clearly. Hypothermia is the most common cause of death in any cold weather survival situation. If Antarctica expanded how will humans survive ? Non-Antarctic life forms wouldn't adapt as well as Antarctic life forms because of the cold weather, for example, if Kangaroos or any Australian animal went to Antarctica, they would freeze to death in about 3 hours because Antarctica is so cold, but because polar bears have so much fur to keep them warm and penguins gather around each other to preserve body heat, they can keep each other really warm. Any animal who is which does not live in the southern hemisphere does not adapt. This is because in the northern hemisphere, the climate is warm. As it is warm it is not used to the cold temperature. Picture of Antarctica Picture of Antarctica melting TIMELINE HOPE YOU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT ANTARCTICA IS WHEN IT IS EXPANDED, OR MAYBE IF WE ARE LUCKY, ANTARCTICA WILL SHRINK IN SIZE AND WE WILL NOT HAVE TO LIVE IN ALL THAT FREEZING ICE.THIS IS THE END OF OUR PREZENTATION IN PREZI. SEE YOU LATER AND ALSO GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE OTHER PREZENTATION.THERE ARE MANY MORE QUESTIONS TO BE ASKED. SEE YOU LATER Picture of Antarctica ANTARCTICA BIBLIOGRAPHY WEBSITES:
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