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SAT Prep Presentation

No description

Alexandra Capes

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of SAT Prep Presentation

What is the SAT?
College administration exam that tests what you know and how well you can apply that knowledge
10 sections
3 subjects (math, reading, and writing)
3 hours and 45 minutes plus three 5 minute breaks
Writing Section
49 multiple choice questions
testing grammar, usage, and word choice
Types of multiple choice questions
Identifying Sentence Errors
Improving Sentences
Improving Paragraphs
The Essay
Read the prompt
Figure out what it is asking you to answer
Use writing techniques
Quotes: make an opening impact on the reader, build credibility, add humor, make the essay more interesting
Don't try to be overly scholarly
improperly using vocabulary hurts you more than using simple vocabulary
Don't simply restate the prompt
You need a thesis
Critical Reading
Testing critical reading, reasoning, and vocabulary skills
Read regularly
Study vocabulary
Remember the information you need to answer the question is in the passage
Questions include line numbers to help you
Covers Arithmetic, Algebra I & II, and Geometry
Numbers and Operations (20-25%)
Algebra and Functions (35-40%)
Geometry and Measurements (25-30%)
Data Analysis, Statistics, Probability (10-15%)
How to prepare
Know the directions and formulas given
Know when to use your calculator
Memorize key formulas
Allie Capes, Jasmine Arnold, and Bethany Edmondson
Test Taking Tips
Answer the easy ones first
Make educated guesses
Skip a question you really can't answer
Mark the questions that you skip
Limit your time on any one question
Keep track of time
Use your test booklet as scrap paper
On Test Day
What to bring:
Admissions ticket
Photo ID
No. 2 pencils
Approved calculator
Water and a snack
Jacket or sweater
NO CELL PHONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How to prepare
Review grammar rules
Use correct grammar in your daily speech and writing
Read in your free time
Practice SAT questions
Practice, Practice, Practice
Adjective and Modifier Errors
Incorrect Comparisons
Between Mike and I, Mike is the fastest
Adverb confusion
You better get there quick
Misplaced Modifier
The patient was referred to a psychologist with several emotional problems
Walking around, the rock hit me in the head unexpectedly
Types of Multiple choice questions
Identifying sentence errors
Sentence provided may have a grammatical or syntactical error or no error
18 questions
Improving Sentences
Read a sentence and try to improve it without changing the meaning
Tip! Improve the sentence yourself before looking at the answers
25 questions
Improving Paragraphs
Similar to the Improving Sentences except in paragraphs
6 questions
Subject/Verb Agreement
She and her friends ________(to be) at the fair.
The book or pen _______(to be) in the drawer.
The boy or his friends _____(to run) every day.
His friends or the boy _____(to run) every day.
One of the boxes _____(to be) open.
The team captain , as well as his players, _____(to be) anxious.
Each of these hot dogs _____(to be) juicy.
Everybody ______(to know) Mr. Jones.
Either ______(to be) correct.
Pronoun Agreement
Agree in number
If a student parks on campus ________ has to buy a parking sticker.
Everybody ought to do ________ best.
Neither of the girls brought ______ umbrellas.
Watching for his boss, the man was worried that he would be late.
Case Errors
Tell me who you gave the papers to
I am smarter than her
Mary likes to hike, to swim and ride a bike
The teacher said that he was a poor student because he waited until the last minute to study for the exam, completed his lab problems in a careless manner, and lacked motivation
One sentence that answers the question your are trying to answer
Have a strong perspective that can be supported with evidence
Choose to either agree or disagree with the prompt
Finally offer support for why you choose that side
Manage your time wisely
Start with an outline to organize your thoughts
Use your test booklet as scrap paper
Avoid erasing
Save time for your conclusion
Do NOT end mid sentence
Essay Outline
Paragraph 1: Introduction
Include thesis statement and state examples
Paragraph 2: Example 1
Paragraph 3: Example 2
Paragraph 4: (optional) Example 3
Paragraph 5: Conclusion
Reading the longggggg passages
Don't skip over the italicized blurb
The questions following the passage are NOT ordered by difficulty
These are the different types of questions
Main Idea
Attitude or tone
Specific information
Implied information
Themes and Arguments
Types of questions
Implied information: Information "between the lines", uses words like context, inferred, implied, indicated or suggested
tip: answer the question in your head first
Themes and arguments: Identifying the feelings behind a particular passage
Technique: question requires you to identify the specific literary tool or method (ex. simile)
Tip: Think about the overall (main) idea
Types of questions
Main Idea: What's the purpose for writing the passage?

Attitude or Tone: What is the authors view on the subject? Does his or her word choice show intensity?

Specific Information: Asking for information that is explicitly stated in the passage, usually includes a line #
Long Passage Strategy
Force yourself to focus
Don't try to soak up every fact or detail
Read and jot down notes
Identify author's: goal, tone, primary argument and technique
Answer specific questions first
Answer general questions second
Dual Passage Strategy
Read the introduction and first passage
Then answer questions about the first passage ONLY
Read the second passage
Answer questions about the second passage ONLY
Answer questions that address both passages together
Short passage strategies
These passages only have 2 questions
Read the two questions (but not the answer choices)
Read the passage, with special focus on answering the two questions
Come up with answers for the questions in your own words
Match your answer to the correct answer
Sentence Completion
Measure your knowledge of vocabulary and ability to understand syntax
Guess the word BEFORE looking at the answer choices
Read all choices, use process of elimination
Double blank
Fill in one blank first eliminate all answers that don't fit, then move to the second blank
Test Taking Tips
Limit your time on each question
Eliminate choices
Make educated guesses
Don't guess randomly on multiple choice (you'll lose points)
You won't lose points on grid-in questions
Decide when to use a calculator
Don't try to use it on every question
Numbers and Operations
Percents: Section 2 Question #8
40% also means 40/100 or 0.40 or 2/5
Average Speed:
Jose traveled for 2 hours at a rate of 70 kilometers per hour and for 5 hours at a rate of 60 kilometers per hour. What was his average speed for the 7 hours?
Sequences: Section 6 Question #1
Arithmetic sequence: constant amount
Geometric sequence: ratio between the terms
Scoring the SAT
For every right answer +1 point
For every wrong answer -0.25 (or 1/4) point
unless in the math grid-in section (-0 for wrong answers)
For answers left blank -0 points
Section Scoring
For each section you take:
#right - (# wrong * 0.25)= raw score
For Math and Reading use the conversion table to match your raw score with a scaled score
Algebra and Functions
Factoring: FOIL
x(x+2) =
(x+1)(x-1) =
(2x-1)(x+3) =
Functions: Section 2 Question #9
MEMORIZE the exponent rules
Section 2 Question #19
Absolute Value: Makes the number positive
Vertical Angles: Section 2 Question #4
Triangles: Section 6 Question #5
Pythagorean Theorem
Properties of Parallel Lines
Angle Relationships: Section 6 Question #7
Coordinate geometry: Section 2 Question #16-18
Slope: Section 6 Question #15
Section 8 Question #15
Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability
Arithmetic Mean: Section 6 Question #3
Median: Section 8 Question #6
A jar contains 13 red marbles and 7 green marbles, what is the probability that a marble selected from the jar at random will be green?
Scoring the Essay
Read by 2 graders
Each graders give a score from 1-6
The two score are added for a total score between 2-12
The scaled writing score is found by matching the essay score # with the raw score on the conversion table
Grid-in Answers
Start from the same side everytime
Do NOT use leading zeros
Use improper fractions
3 1/2 = 31/2
7/2 or 3.5
Check your work if it doesn't fit in the grid
Make an educated guess if you don't know the answer
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