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"Tops and Bottoms" comprehensive

vocabulary, building concepts, phonics, comprehension skill, grammar, ARMT practice, and videos for background knowledge

Luke Bergeson

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of "Tops and Bottoms" comprehensive

Vocabulary Do you see any images that do not belong? bottom the lowest part cheated tricked someone;
acted in a way
that is not honest clever bright;
intelligent crops plants grown for food lazy not willing to work or move fast partners members of a company who
share the risks and profits
of a business wealth riches The Tortoise and the Hare In "Tops and Bottoms" the author says that
Hare "lost a risky bet with tortoise and had sold
all of his land to Bear to pay off his debt".
Watch this video of how Hare lost his bet. Build Concepts Personal
Responsibility Feelings Traits Deeds bragged boasted humiliated lowered someone's
pride, dignity, or
self-respect vain having too much pride
in your looks, ability, or
achievements bragged humiliated vain Comprehension Author's Purpose The author's purpose is
the reason an author
writes something. There are many reasons for writing:
to persuade, to inform, to entertain,
or to express ideas and feelings. Before You Read: Read the title.
For which reason might
an author write a piece with
this title? I think the author wants to
tell us about his salsa garden. As You Read: Think about the
author's purpose. I think the authoris writing
what is in a salsa garden. After You Read: Now what do you think
the author's purpose was? I think the author was telling us
how to make good salsa. Phonics Consonant
Blends When I see two or more consonants at the beginning or end of a word,
I try blending them together as I
say the word. I say all the sounds without
pausing between them. clever


dragon ARMT Practice How does Hare
treat Bear? Use details from the story to support your answer. Write your answer in
the answer document. Grammar singular possessive nouns The next day Hare hopped
down the road to Bear's house. Bear's is a SINGULAR POSSESSIVE NOUN. The 's shows that Bear owns the house. The End Luke Bergeson
University Place Elementary
follow us @mrbsclass1
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