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Esmeralda Cortes

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Brazil

In Brazil 205, 716, 890 (July 2012) 55% white 32% mixed shades 8% black 2% Japanese Remaining percent are indiginuse Brazil Geography largest country in south America. only two other countries that doen't border Brazil. Brazil has inormouse beaches. tropical country Brazil agriculture, mining, manufacturing and service sectors. since 2003 Brazil has improved there economy In Brazil Language Holidays population religion History 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Portuguese is spoken by nearly 100% of the population. within Brazil there are no dialects of portuguese. (2000)census indicates that 74%of the population are affiliated with the roman Catholic church 15%of the population is protestants 85% pentecostal/evangelical Holidays similar to the ones in USA Easter Mothers day Valentines day Fathers day Christmas day New years eve February carnival-this happens at Rio de Janiero where hundreds of people parade every year at an avenue. october 12 childrens day- this is a national holiday and kids recieve gifts, also some projects are made for helping poor and homeless children around the country november 25th all souls day-they go to the cemetary to visit and pray for people they loved Economy 2007 and 2008 global financial crisis hit Brazil 2010 Brazil begun to recover consumer and investor confidence revived 2012 the growth is some what higher. 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr 1500 Portuguese arrived
in Brazil led by
Pedro Cabral. 1807 Napoleon Bonaparte
closed up on portugals . capital city of lisbon 1821 Dom Joao returned to Lisban and left his son Dom Pedro
in charge of Brazil. 1889 counties first democratic election 1607 discovery of gold
the gold deposites didnt pan out 1822 Dom Pedro announced the
countries independence.
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