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Newton's First Law of Motion

An object keeps doing what it's doing!

Tim Pohlman

on 28 July 2012

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Transcript of Newton's First Law of Motion

A DRAMATIC DEMONSTRATION Newton's First Law of Motion An object with no net force acting upon it remains at rest or moves with constant velocity in a straight line Inertia Want to show off your mastery of inertia? One word can be used to help explain this a quick definition relationships Test your knowledge http://www.batesville.k12.in.us/physics/phynet/mechanics/newton1/First_Law_Quiz.html#First%20Law%20Quiz Check out the online quiz at the following address: Common misconception Accelerating from Rest - "G Forces"

Your car is at rest. Suddenly you push down on the "accelerator" and the car accelerates forward. You feel that you are pushed back into your seat.
Common Explanation:

"G Forces," caused by the acceleration, push you back into your seat.
Problems with the Common Explanation:

First of all, there is nothing pushing you back in your seat! (Acceleration is a concept, not an object, and only objects can push you. See Thoughts on Force... for more discussion.)
Correct Explanation:

You were at rest, so you remain at rest. The car accelerates forward, and you stay where you are. The tendency of an object to resist changes in its velocity: whether in motion or motionless. So just to sum up Ojects that are at rest stay at rest If your really brave try this one on for size! Objects in motion stay in motion Now watch one of the BEST science guys of all time! No not the man of steel just a person of science. As the bricks are broken with a sledge hammer the 127 kg (280 lb) mass does not move in relation to Newton's first law.
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