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Application for Agency Position

Here is a short presentation on the qualifications and skills that make me the best candidate for the position.

Maggie Teach

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Application for Agency Position

Maggie Teach
Junior at the University of Florida
Majoring in Advertising
Concentration in Business Skills Strong verbal and personal communication skills
Accuracy and attention to details
Upbeat and energetic personality
Computer literate in many programs Including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Dreamweaver I believe I am the best candidate for this position because I am creative, hard-working and confident. I have a lot of retail work experience.

Working in a sales environment has helped me develop strong communication skills. Having to meet set sales goals and make deadlines taught me the importance of negotiation and time-management.

Attended workshops focusing on different aspects of the retail industry, ranging from visual merchandising to management to marketing
Worked 40 hours per week - built client relationships to ultimately generate over $10,000 in sales during the Anniversary Sale
Helped establish team sales goals, create visual merchandising plans and increase usage of mobile POS devices This past year I served as the Public Relations Chairman for my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma.
My position involved:

Planning events throughout the year (including Father/Daughter Weekend, Family Weekend, alumni-outreach opportunities and community service)
Monitoring all of our chapter's social media (including Facebook, Twitter and website)
Creating and distributing our annual newsletter
Coordinating with the t-shirt chair to come up with designs As I mentioned earlier... I am proficient in Photoshop. ADV3203 Introduction to Advertising Design and Graphics and
ADV4101 Copywriting and Visualization have helped me improve my knowledge of the software. Here are a few examples: Photoshop is an application that allows you to edit digital images. I created my own website using Wix, a website-building program that uses HTML5 technology. http://mteac4.wix.com/teachmaggie I am currently interning with Swamp Rentals in Gainesville, Florida. Nordstrom Retail Sales Internship I believe I have all of the necessary skills and qualifications for the position and I would love to contribute to your agency! Background Originally from Naples, FL
Loves to run and watch professional tennis
Proud owner of a miniature dachshund named Ruby
Interests: 80's music, collecting magazines, lounging at the beach, fashion, painting and writing short stories Swamp Rentals is a company that provides an Internet Listing Service (ILS) which enables certain housing markets to showcase their properties all on one site. My internship entails:

Weekly meetings focusing on digital communication strategy and digital project management
Individual and group projects concerning: Search Engine Optimization, Website Content Management, HTML design and information databases in Excel
Plan to conduct future market research and pitch ideas to clients. In addition to being proficient in Web 2.0 technologies, I have also served on the Ad Society's PR committee for the past two years. Examples from my Great Ideas class I got to meet Blake Nordstrom
and ask him questions! ADV3500 has taught me how to conduct research for a specific brand. Liason to Ad Society alumni and Journalism College faculty
Responsible for helping coordinate the annual AdFed Addy Awards Gala and Ad Dash, a philanthropic event held by Ad Society for local non-profit clients. Connect with me on LinkedIn to see my complete profile and resume! My most recent project involved created a sample review using HTML codes.
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