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ming dynasty

No description

Eleanor Kain

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of ming dynasty

Ming Dynasty By Eleanor In the Ming Dynasty Gentry was the highest social rank. Second were farmers. Third Artisan and fourth were the Merchants. Money and education were the two main things that separated the classes. Who made the laws? When did the Ming Dynasty occur? The Ming Dynasty started in 1368 A.D. and ended in 1644 A.D. What was the class structure like? Hongwu made the laws of the Ming Dynasty. Hongwu was an emperor from 1368 to 1398. He was a peasant farmer and then he became a warrior. Who were the longest and shortest reigning emperors? Wanli emperor was the longest reigning emperor. Wanli was the emperor for 48 years, 19th of July 1572 to the 18th of August 1620. T'ai-ch'ang emperor was the shortest reigning emperor. He was reigning for 1 month in 1620. What did they use as medicine? In the Ming Dynasty they used herbs and herbal medicines. They used to drink herbal tea. The people in the Ming Dynasty thought that smoking tobacco was good for their health. The people in the Ming Dynasty had poor health and most of the people died young. What where the inventions from the Ming dynasty? There were lots of different inventions from the Ming Dynasty such as; Ming porcelain, silk, tea, china plates, fireworks, printing and the Forbidden city. Bibliography Chinese recognition on relationship between smoking and health in Ming - Qing dynasties.
Chinese herbs from the Ming Dynasty
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wikipedia- Wanli Emper
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18.10.12 The forbidden city. Herbal tea. Wanli emperor. T'ai-ch'ang emperor.
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