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Guiding you through the new Staff Regulations

No description

Nadège Perrine

on 5 September 2017

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Transcript of Guiding you through the new Staff Regulations

HR meanders
Appointing Authority: a decisional role
and many signatures....
: type of procedure, launch of selection, vacancy notice, board, conflict of interest, final report, outcome letters

: grading, contract

: probation, renewal, termination, non renewal, promotion

Working conditions
: unpaid leave, family leave, part time

Ethics & integrity
: outside activities, publications

: exceptions, formal complaints

Statutory Staff
(from 2018):
Temporary Agents
: 86 posts
Contract Agents
: 41
Local Agent
: 1

= 128

Seconded National Expert: 1
Interim: +/- 3 FTE (max 7 headcounts)
Internship: ??
Long term "externs": ICT consultants, receptionists...

HR related budget (Title 1)
70% of ETF (+/- 13 Meuro)

Staffing Plans vs Reality: a usual gap
->Time vacant posts, unplanned resignations, extra or fewer part times..)
->Salary adaptation and Italian weighting factor
->Staff recruitment and leaving cost
(i.e. from 0 to 50,000/newcomer)
Career... CA vs TA
From AST 1 to AST 9
(or more)
From AD 5 to AD 12
(or more if Manager)
NB: prior to 10% cut period, replacing AST by CA and changing AST into AD in the Establishment Plan (Experts)

Only 4 or 5 grades per Function Group
Implementing Rules
Option 1
: by analogy (= as in EC)
Actors: HR/CEO, Staff Committe (SC), Governing Board (GB)
Workflow: EC->ETF->GB
Timing for adoption: 2-3 months

Option 2
: model decision (=similar to EC for all agencies & developped by DGHR)
Actors: Standing working party (DGHR+ rep agencies), HR/CEO, SC, GB
Workflow 1 to opt out form EC rule: ETF->GB->ETF->EC->ETF->GB
Workflow 2 to adopt model decision: EC->SWP<->ETF-GB
Timing for adoptions: 6-12 months or more

Option 3
: specific for ETF
Similar to option 2 but never validated by DGHR

In the pipeline
: Teleworking, Middle Management, Mission guide, L&D...
Social Dialogue
Staff Committee (SC)
Current members: Shawn, Mircea, Venera + 3 alternates
(to act as replacement not members)
"Historical" time allocated to members: 20%
Role: consultative (on HR related policies, rules) + social welfare
Possible points:
- increase SC to 5 members
- make exception to increase education allowances
- be involved in decisional phase of recruitment (type of selection procedure, vacancy notice preparation)
- limited career development for CAs

Trade Union
Not recognised at ETF, no agreement
Challenges & opportunities
Challenges & opportunities
Maternity Pay
If the maternity leave starts before the end of a contract
(no resignation, nor disciplinary), there may be a
maternity pay.

Monthly maternity pay allowance = dif. bn unemployment allowance and net salary before end of contract
until end of maternity leave
People at the heart of ETF

Priority 1 - Managers
HR support, 360° feedback, development programme, reinforcing team spirit
Priority 2 - Staff

Carry-over of annual leave days > 12 days

for reason of service and

up to 30 days if long absence due to sickness or accident prevented you from taking days of leave

Home leave ->
2.5 days for all with expat/foreign residence allowance
Birth of disabled or seriously ill child
-> 20 days

Exceptional work going beyond normal obligations
-> ? days
"on the basis of a reasoned note by the RO to the Director, in case a staff member has been obliged to carry out work going beyond his/her normal obligations".

Potential traveling time
linked to


based on
geographical distance

Not applicable to managers

AST9/AD9 and above only
half days
flexi recup

Core hours:

as now (10.00-12.00/14.00-16.00)

EC & ETF: max. monthly balance
16 hours

EC & ETF: mission day
8 hours

+ modif. up to 10 hours

EC: if obliged to travel during week-end: 4 or 8 hours given ->
ETF Recup half-day or day

Transfer from December to January

Challenges & opportunities
Pensionable age

for staff starting after 31/12/2013

If you started before 1/5/2004:
if aged at least 50 or had 20 years of services on 1/5/2004
between 60... and 65
if aged less than 50 and had not 20 years of service on 1/5/2004

If you started between 1/5/2004 and 31/12/2013
if aged at least 45 on 1/5/2004
between 63... and 65
if aged less than 45 on 1/5/2004
Part time that can not be refused (still NPE?)

Working conditions that can be refused:
->Part time + unpaid leave (direction?)

Recruiting extra TAs to compensate for part time?

Working time for Managers (half a day/week)?

Teleworking (ad-hoc + (still) structural)?
Maternity leave still 5 months (or
6 months
for multiple birth or
in case of serious illness of child)
Vacant posts
: 1 CA (in CPD or ? if ssa back)
+ 1 CA for COMM in Oct/Nov.

2017 future posts that can be used
: 2 AD (avo, png)
-> dep dir? head of cpd? specialits? other?

2018 future post
that can be used: 1 AD (mdj)
-> extra year or not?

Further efficiency gain? limited but still feasible
->Take stock of resources needs,
possible reschuffles and
then decide on priorities?

Guiding you through some of the meanders ...
Appointing Authority: a decisional role


Title 1 Budget

Career (CA vs TA)

Social Dialogue

Implementing Rules

HR vision
NB: Recent new trend from the Commission
->From staff/department to staff/job function
Limited career perspective for CA
Some CA and TA blocked in grade (FGII and AST9)
Change of FG only through external recruitment (until new CA rule)
FGIV as country desk/jr Specialist?
From AST9 to AST10 (to decide how)
From 2 L&D officers with mixed roles to 1 on "training" and 1 on "career" related aspects
11 OPS (15%)
1 ICT (14%)
4 Finproc (33%)
2 Adm (33%)
HR vision and priority focus
People at the heart of ETF

Priority 1 - Managers
-> investing in leadership and people management skills (development programme, professional coaching, 360° feedback for dev. purpose)
-> building learning community, reinforcing team spirit/cohesion
+ Priority 1 - Staff
-> developing core and technical skills (L&D, coaching, mentoring)
-> strengthening well being (physical & psychological)
-> clear, fair, open HR communication
= Staff engagement and thus staff, so ETF performance

Without forgetting the sound implementation of HR regulatory framework (SR + 100 rules), for equal treatment and protecting the ETF, but trying to bring the "human touch"
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