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End-Of-Year Report 2011-2012

Walsh Library - Northwest Campus - Tarrant County College

Marilynn Biggers

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of End-Of-Year Report 2011-2012

Walsh Library
End-of-Year Report
April Martinez
Wendy Montalvo
Microsoft Excel Levels 1 & 2
Finance Workshop
Management and Leadership Workshop
Professional Development:
library specialist
Professional Development:
Kelly Clute
library specialist
Professional Development:
Management and Leadership Workshop
Safety Seminar
Management and Leadership class, Computer and Technical class, and a Library Science class at UNT.
Miriam Mirembe
library specialist
Professional Development:
Marilynn Biggers
library specialist
Professional Development:
"Effective Time Management for You" class
Management/Leadership workshop
"Effective Listening Skills" class
"Communicating Clearly" class
Jim Baxter
assistant library director
Sandra McCurdy
library director
Professional Development:
Professional Development:
Leadership TCC
Served on the Math and Science Divisional Dean Hiring Committee
Brittany Wedgeworth
library specialist
Professional Development:
Cassandra Mackie
Professional Development:
Julie Nichols
library specialist
Professional Development:
Workplace Communication Training
Tony Queretaro
library specialist
Professional Development:
Kathryn Knutson
administrative assistant
Professional Development:
Team-building workshop
Finance Seminar
PowerPoint I class
Brandon Wineman
library technology manager
Professional Development:
"Communicating Clearly" class
Safety training
Microsoft PowerPoint I and II class
"Positive Dreaming: Motivational Fuel for Success" seminar

LibGuides created this year:
Music, Biology 1409, Student Success- Transition to College Overview, Occupational Safety and Environmental Technology, Civil War Literature, and the Fairy Tale Annotated Bibliography Assignment
You can find all six of them at
Microsoft Office Word 2010
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010
Blackboard training
Colleague training
Leadership TCC
This year, a special collection of books was created for the ESOL students on campus.
Wendy Montalvo and Kathryn Knutson participated in a new program called "Stepping Stones," which teaches workplace skills.
Wendy Montalvo and April Martinez participated in Vital Link this year, which is an internship for middle-school aged children to learn about the different jobs on campus.
people have visited
the library this year

On Saturday, April 28, we held our first reading festival in conjunction with local not-for-profit, Score a Goal in the Classroom.
Technology Updates
We have 30 new virtual machines and 3 new high capacity printers.
We also have a new blog on the TCC Hub.
check it out at:
library research classes were taught in the library this year
"The library is the temple of learning, and learning has liberated more people than all the wars in history."
Carl Rowan

Excel 2010 level 3
Word 2010 level 3
Security Awareness parts 1-3
Management and Leadership Series II
Disney Creativity Workshop
Integrated eBooks and eReaders workshop sessions 1 and 2
Another special collection of books was created for STSC students.
Here are
our new Horticulture
and Politics sections.
Webinar E-books and Access given by TSLAC
ALA sponsored webinar held at NE campus Integrating E-books and E-readers into your library (Part I and II)
Technology Updates
and a 55 inch T.V. for cable news!
Technology Updates
Survey says...
"I really enjoy the atmosphere in the library. I enjoy having a place to come and study and print out the papers I need for my classes."
" I have always found the staff at the Northwest Campus Library extremely helpful. I've always been very pleased with my visits there."
"The staff is always helpful and pleasant. They assist you and seem to go that extra mile."
"Everything is going great! I like the staff, and the hours the library is open. Thank you all!!"
from 2012 Spring Library Survey
Attended Academics Day 2012
Spring 2012 Leadership Convocation: The Leadership Challege
Participated in the book club "What the Best College Teachers Do"
Management and Leadership Series II
Served on the interview committees for the Northwest Director of Weekend College and the Southeast Director of Library Services
Presentation Highlights
"Turn It In"
Dr. Terry Mouchayleh
for her presentation
"Before You Hit 'Send': The Subtle Art of Effective Communication"
"Presentations With Prezi"
"Research In Your PJ's"
with April Martinez and Brandon Wineman
with April Martinez, Jim Baxter, Marilynn Biggers, and Miriam Mirembe
with Sandra McCurdy
Student Success Conference 2011
Get Your Geek On
at TRC
Faculty Development Week
Hosted area High School Librarians on October 14th
did library instructions for dual enrollment students at
Keller High School,
Boswell High School
& Central High School
materials have circulated in and out of the library this year
"What Can the Librarians Do for You?"
with April Martinez
150 kids from Eagle Mountain Saginaw, Fort Worth, and Lake Worth ISDs joined us along with 121 volunteers.
Technology Updates
We also have 13 new iPads and a Kindle Fire available for checkout.
Kendall Morris
Miss Texas 2011
NW Mosaic Dance Team
Local Shriners
Campus President Dr. Elva LeBlanc
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