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The Leader in Me - an overview of Leadership Class

No description

Lorna Ermacora

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of The Leader in Me - an overview of Leadership Class

#2. Begin with the end in mind.
Sow a
, and you reap an
Sow an
, and you reap a
Sow a
, and you reap a
Sow a
, and you reap a

Samuel Smiles
It is important to take care of the "inside" first. If you don't take care of the "inside" you can enjoy "PUBLIC VICTORY"
#1. Be Proactive
Take responsibility
Accept responsibility
Be an agent of change
Don't be a victim
#4. Think Win-Win
define your mission and goals
create a mental vision and purpose for ANY project
commit yourself to what matters most
#3. Put First Things First
keep the main thing, the main thing
Have an everyone can win attitude. Stop trying to be the center of the universe!

it's not about being selfish
think in terms of "we" not "me"
encourages conflict resolution
solutions benefit all involved
#5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
Listen to people sincerely
listen with the intent to understand others NOT to reply
it takes kindness to truly listen
it takes courage when you seek to be understood
The "outside" of you.
How you interact with others
Once you've taken care of the inside - you can start taking care of the outside.
The Leader in Me - an overview of Leadership Class
#6. Synergize
Work together. Achieve more.
it isn't "my way""
it isn't "your way"
it's creative cooperation
#7. Sharpen the saw!
It's ME time.
constantly review the basic areas of life
make sure you take time to think about you - your physical, emotional mental and spiritual health
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