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physical property of shampoo.

No description

Rickell Blaedow

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of physical property of shampoo.

The Chemical and Physical Property of Shampoo.

-wet, goopy, slimy
The chemical and physical properties of the substances used to make the product
Uses of shampoo
Shampoos are used to remove excess oil, dirt and skin debris from the hair known as sebum.
What happens to shampoo when it is no longer needed or when it is used up.
when the shampoo goes down the drain, the scum from it can build up along the edges of the pipe and make it more difficult for the water to flow.
conventional vs. green.
-amphiphilic and partly hydrophilic.


ingredients in conventional shampoo
citric acid, milk from pigmy goats, silk
Ingredients in natural shampoo
coconut milk, liquid Castille soap, Vitamen E oil, essential oils, almond or olive oil
Which shampoo is better for your hair
Along with being more expensive, conventional shampoo has a lot of harsh chemicals that can damage your hair. Green shampoo is better by cost, and because it helps your hair.
The synthetic chemicals used in conventional shampoos have been proven to cause baldness,
premature hair graying and hair loss
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