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2012-13 Annual Report

No description

Yvonne Weinstein

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of 2012-13 Annual Report

Average Number of students
Using our library per day
Total # of books checked out =3465
(That is 3.9 books/student, down from 8.3 books/student in 2010-2011)
We entered the
digital age
thanks to REEF...
We added a total of
229 e-books
from REEF funding
Students used the computers:
Checking Dashboard,
Doing BrainPop or Study Island
Working on projects/Google Docs
Frank Augustus Miller
Middle School
Annual Report 2012-2013

(down from
in 2010-11)
7th Period:
Newspaper Club
5 Issues
Added New Books
229 e-books
(REEF Grant)
385 Print Books
(Thanks to PTSA Bookfair and City National Bank)
What were students
doing in the library?
classes came
with teachers
With teachers, students were completing Webquests and Online Lab Activities
(mainly science classes)
and research using computers and printed resources (Mrs. Saucedo's history classes)
40-45 students came daily after-school
In summary,
2012-2013 was a mixed year for the library
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