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The unique experience of a Great Teams BootCamp

Why this training is different

Paul Reeves

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of The unique experience of a Great Teams BootCamp

is just like any other team work course,
but different.

A Great Teams BootCamp
Other sessions discuss how the team will be able to build products-
Other sessions talk about individual responsibility-
at BootCamp you build a product in the team's simulated environment
Other courses have planned schedules-
at BootCamp you create your own schedule and practice team self- organization each minute

at BootCamp you develop individual commitment, responsibility, honesty, and trust
legacy information
at BootCamp you learn by doing what other successful teams have developed
Other sessions have you sit and listen-
Other teamwork courses promise results-

at BootCamp you learn how to create great teams to get great results - everytime
that is why it's
re-arranging the deck chairs
one or two new ideas
head doesn't explode
butts in seats
instructor as guru
fun while it lasts
relevant to some
flavour of the day
current fad
no legs
9:00 - 5:00
task focused
dead end
BootCamp Copyright 1996 McCarthy Technologies
aka: Great Teams BootCamp, Great Teams Immersion
for more info:

Thank you!
requires ropes & other equipment
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