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Triad Teachers Love Triad

No description

Chloe Compton

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Triad Teachers Love Triad

Triad students are the driving force
behind my love for teaching!!
–Jen Lewis (Math)

“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.” (Author unknown)
I like teaching with excellent colleagues at THS.
–Kathy Mersinger
(Physically Impaired)
I love it when I can see on my students’ faces that they are enjoying, understanding, and are able to find purpose in the
classroom activities.
–Debbie Addington

I have loved teaching at Triad High School for 28 years! Thank goodness I still have a few years left here before I retire because I’m just not ready yet.
THS students are quality kids and the faculty and staff are fun and caring individuals. I am blessed and privileged
to work in such an amazing environment! –Carrie Metze (Business)
I love interacting with the students, seeing them engaged in what’s happening in the classroom, witnessing their development.
–Shannon Mallrich

I love helping THS students gain confidence as readers, writers, and speakers. When a quiet student volunteers to share his/her writing in class, it makes me smile
all day!
–Karen Kutz (English)

Triad High School is a positive environment with incredible students, staff, faculty,
and administrators.
I truly LOVE my
–Sarah Presson (PE)

I love helping students in a time of need. –Jason Kapp

Triad High School has caring, intelligent, hardworking students that are a joy to work with every day!
–Sara Knobloch (Science)
We have great students and I love working with all of them and their teachers. –Annette Mills (Librarian)
I love working at Triad High School because our staff and students take
so much pride in our school.
–Devan Faulkenberg (Foreign Language)

I love the natural intelligence and decency of our student body, the chance to share some of my experiences and knowledge with youth who will actually become good citizens, and they still like stickers!
--Jim Perkins (Science)
What I love about teaching at THS is having the opportunity to help students develop into young adults and watching them become productive members of our society.
–Mike Smargiassi (Driver’s Ed/PE)

The passion Triad Students have to be excellent inspires me to be excellent for them. –Brian Weiss (Science)
The think I like most about teaching at Triad is how wonderful the students are. I appreciate their positive attitudes and cooperative spirit. –Janice Farace (Science)
The think I enjoy most about teaching at Triad is being able to interact daily with the wonderful individuals in my classes and their positive attitudes and unique personalities. –Steve Bay (Foreign Language)

Triad High School is blessed with a great staff, student body, and administration. It is a great learning environment that I enjoy each and every school day! –Todd Grigg (Business)

As a new teacher here at THS, I love how welcoming both the faculty and students have been. They have made my transition very easy and have made THS my new home! –Stephanie Harris (Business)
I enjoy teaching at Triad High School because the majority of students respect the teachers and their peers. –Mike Georgeff (PE/Health)
I love it when kids are excited about learning! –Peggy Masterson (Special Ed.)

I love the students and their excitement
to be at THS!
–Andy Brendel
(Tech Ed)

I like the relationships and friendships established with students
and other staff members.
In my opinion, this
is what makes
Triad the best
school to work
at in the entire area.
What I like most about teaching at THS is the “who” I work with! This includes other teachers, administrators, staff I work with, and of course the kids that I teach or coach. –Dave Beile (Special Ed.)
I enjoy watching the freshmen become knowledgeable and confident seniors!
I really enjoy being a part of the freshman transition from the middle school and watching these kids start becoming responsible adults. –Adam Geisen (English)

I love teaching at Triad because of the atmosphere and the people.
The students and staff make my job fun to attend daily!
–Heather Kirkley (Family & Consumer Science)
I love working with students to develop skills that will ensure future success and growth. –Matt Gessford (Math)
I love watching my students discover something new! –Deb Miller (Math)
The students always make the day a new and exciting learning adventure! –Aaron Cole (Math)
As I start my second year of teaching at Triad, I am amazed at the collaboration and support among faculty, administration, and staff.
Rudy (Math)
Educating today’s youth is the best way to ensure
tomorrow’s future.
–Curtis James
What I love most about
teaching at THS is
working with students
and seeing them
grow in academics
and as a person. I love
watching students accomplishing their goals! –Taylor Brunner (Special Ed.)
I love that the
Triad faculty is
like a family.
It is so nice to
come to work every morning and see the smiling faces of students and fellow teachers. –Christina Baker (Special Ed.)
I love the fact that the staff has a genuine bond with other staff members and that we all love coming to work each day! I also
love to watch my
students grow and
mature throughout
their tenure here.
(Special Ed.)
I LOVE to watch my freshmen grow into independent, caring and enthusiastic young adults (SENIORS!)! :) --Michelle Speer (Special Ed.)
There is so much that I love about teaching at Triad High School, but if I had to pick my favorite, it would be the staff and the kids that are a part of this school. They are amazing! –Andria Schram (PE)
The students here are awesome!! They want to learn and are excited about school! –Kris Kleeman (Science)
I enjoy our students’ enthusiasm and willingness to try new things. –Erin Scheibel (Foreign Language)

I love our kids! –Sandy Perkins (Science)
I love teaching at THS because of the energy and
passion that
my colleagues
and students channel
into my teaching life
in Room 135 on
a daily basis.
What I love most is the positive, friendly attitude of the students, faculty and staff, and the overall positive school spirit, which helps us in our successful academic and extra-curricular achievements! –Lee Coakley (Foreign Language)
I love the diversity and creativity of my art students. –Jennifer Keller (Art)
I appreciate all the cooperation and support from the office to the staff, and most important, from the students themselves with their willingness and enthusiasm to do great things together. –Judy Bieser (Foreign Language)
I want to make a difference in a child’s life. –JoAnn Mitzel (Special Ed.)
I love getting to come to a place where I am reminded of what is good in this world. –Heidi Houchins (Psychology)
I enjoy teaching at Triad High School because we have good kids that respect their peers, teachers, and are socially responsible. –Bruce Lewis (History)
I enjoy watching the Triad students support their athletic teams and clubs while demonstrating great school spirit and sportsmanship. –Mike Perry (History)
“Now we all have a great need for acceptance, but you must trust that your beliefs are unique, your own, even though others may think them odd or unpopular, even though the herd may go, [imitating a sheep] ‘that’s baaaaad.’ “ (John Keating)
–Dianna Hicks (English)
“In my own life, when I was most inspired by a teacher, it always involved a real dialogue, a looseness and a real caring and compassion. It was not without rigor, not without discipline, not without standards, but all that was done out of love.” (Michael Goldenberg)
–Crystal Myers (English)
We’ve all benefited from the efforts of others who have helped us. Teaching allows us to help so many others in the same way. Live, learn, pass on. –Nathen Schram (History)
I love teaching at my alma mater and being involved with teenagers every day! They make me smile and (hopefully) keep me young at heart! –Beth Frank (Math)
The students and staff at Triad High School make my job enjoyable because for the most part, we all want to be here. The students respect teachers and peers and work hard to meet the expectations set by their teachers. The staff is encouraging and helpful not only with the students but also with each other. This creates an atmosphere where authentic teaching and learning can occur. –Beth Perry (English)
“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” (Dalai Lama) I love everything about Triad! I feel respected and appreciated here. I love the school spirit. I love the Triad staff. I feel comfortable with my colleagues that are wonderful people to work with and are some of my best friends. I believe we have great kids that come from a great community. This is the best place to teach and I am thankful to be here. –Kelli Barbour (History)
I love the terrific students and parents at THS! –Linda Remiger (Choral Arts)
I love the atmosphere at Triad High School. The students, faculty, staff, and administration are a great group of people. –Jené Frey (Business)
I love that we have a student body that is eagerly involved in making our school a great place. –Sam Drake (History)
I love teaching at Triad because I love interacting with the awesome students at our school. I also love watching their progress throughout the year. –Keely Redfern (Special Ed.)
What I love most about teaching at Triad is building relationships with students and colleagues. –Jesse Bugger (PE)
What I love most about teaching at THS is the people I get to see every day. Besides having the best students in the world, I am beyond lucky to work with such supportive administrators, teachers, and support staff that go above and beyond to make our students a priority. –Kevin Devaney (Band)
What I love most about teaching at Triad High School is working with excellent colleagues and inspiring students to work to their potential. –Jack Carmody (Science)
I love the welcoming and friendly atmosphere at THS! –Tyler Oberkfell (Tech Ed)
I love math, but what I enjoy most about teaching is making connections with so many young people year after year. I believe each student is unique and talented, valuable and special! I enjoy trying to help each student see their potential, make good choices, and learn from mistakes while I strive to make them all feel loved and appreciated! Various people have commented over the years about how many lives I have touches as a teacher, but the trust is, they have no idea about the enormous impact all of those young people have had on my life. I am truly blessed? So, without a doubt, what I love the most about teaching at THS is making those very important connections with EVERY student that I meet and working with other teachers and staff members in this district who share the same kind of love for young people that I have! –Melissa Taylor (Math)
Triad has a long history of community involvement and pride! It is very refreshing to meet parents who were students at THS years ago or even grandparents that once attended Triad. We also have a large percentage of faculty members who have chosen to dedicate their teaching careers to a community where they were once students. Triad continues to be a community that others relocate to in order to benefit from this amazing school district and once again pass down the pride of Triad to another generation. –Melissa Wiegers (English)
When I was a young man, I worked in various factories as a welder and machinist. I took great pride in my craft and those products I produced. However, not one car frame or valve actuator ever inspired me or caused me to think. In fact, it was not uncommon for me to hit the snooze button. I can’t wait to get here in the morning and get ready to teach. I can’t wait to greet my students and interact with them in the classroom. The pride I take in what happens in my classroom is magnified so much greater than what I had achieved in those various factories. Now, I don’t produce a product, I produce thinkers and the future. I love my job and often comment that it is a job that I get to do and not that I have to do. Who could want for anything more?! –Darrell Butler (History)
I love working at Triad High School first and foremost because of the students. We have an awesome group of students here and it’s my pleasure assisting them throughout their journey through high school. I also enjoy working with parents, and the THS staff is fantastic! –Jeremy Hoback (Guidance)
It would be nearly impossible for me to pick out one individual thing that I love best about working at Triad. I could easily say that it is working with students, my great co-workers, or getting to help people every day. However, while all of those answers do make my job more enjoyable, it is difficult to pick just one of them. Working at Triad is something that I am incredibly grateful for in my life because there are truly so many wonderful things about our school, staff, and community. Some of these wonderful things go unnoticed or unmentioned, but at our school, they happen every day. I truly believe anyone who gets the opportunity to experience Triad in any capacity would walk away a better person. –Kate Brendel (Guidance)
The following quote best captures what I do: “When people care for you they can straighten out your soul.” (Langston Hughes, poet) Everything I do starts with making a connection because that is the most powerful catalyst for change. I love my job and the opportunity it offers me to share a sense of optimism and hope with students, their families and staff. –Bonnie Mitchel (Social Worker)
I enjoy the student’s sense of humor and excitement they bring to the day. –Josh Ackerman (Assistant Principal)
What I love most about Triad High School is the palpable energy you feel when you walk into our building. ALWAYS, kids are creating, solving, connecting, striving, and growing. I have never worked with a more dedicated, cohesive, and willing group of adults who go to ANY length to make our kids better and our school consistently the BEST. –Stacy Heuberger (Assistant Principal)
I like to see students engaged in lessons as I walk through the hallways at Triad High School. –Rodney Winslow (Principal)
I love working at Triad because of the people. I have great coworkers, fantastic students, and supportive parents. Not all teachers can say this! –Jessica Hasemann (Science)
–Russ Witzig (PE/Health)
–Liz Meyer (English)
What I love the most about my job is that when I wake up in the morning, I don’t have to go to work each day but I get to go to school! I work with tremendous people! –Kenny Deatherage (Athletic Director)
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