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Andrea Fry

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Typewriter

The History of the
Typewriter 1829 In 1829, Willam Burt invented the first typewriter. It was called the "typographer". However, the machine was slower than writing. 1867 This was Sholes first model of the typewriter. It was created in 1867, but it was not patented until June 23, 1868. 1868 Shoule then made a second model of the typewriter. This model was faster, and made it faster to type than to write. 1883 1878 Ten years later, the first typerwriter with a double keyborad came out. A double keyboard has upper and lower case letters on the same keyboard. It had a shift key so you can go from lower case to upper case. A problem with earlier the typewriter was, you were unable to see what you typed. The 1883 typewriter was invented with visable typing. This way you knew what you were typing. 1909 1956 In 1909 the first portable typwriter was invented. This became a term-paper writer's best friend. Thomas Edision also contributed to the tyewriter. In 1872 he invented the first electric typewriter. In 1956 the eletirc typewriter and the portable typewriter were combined. The Inventor Christopher Latham Sholes Born: February 14, 1819 in Mooresburg PA
Died: February 17, 1890 in Milwaukee Wiscions
Why was the typewriter invented? In 1864 Sholes and his friend Samuel W. Soule' where given permision to invent a machine that would number pages. A co- worker of Sholes, Carlos Glidden, came a across a news artical about a man by the name of John Pratt who invented a "writing machine". Glidden suggested that Sholes changed his numbering machine into a writing machine. Sholes loved the idea and devoted his life to inventing the writing machine. In 1873 Sholes sold all of the rights for the typewriter to Remington Arms Company for $12,000 1872 1978 The first electronic typewriter was invented by the Olivetti Company and the Casio Company. Today I used to think that typewriters were no longer used today. However, some people still use them for various reasons. Some writers prefer them to the computer. Other people prefer them because there is no glare ffrom a computer monitor.

Influnced Typewriters influnced modern day keyboards. Keyboards are used for computers and for some phones for texting. Ramdom, But Aswsome Facts Sholes did not put a button for the number 1 because he thought people could just use the letter l instead.
The typewriter also played a role in social history. Since typewriters were used in offices women where taught how to used a typewriter. This was one of the first more advance jobs women had.
Typewriters made menial tasks easier.
Typewriters can now be made with many different languages and are also used for musical notations.
People now collect typewriters as a hobby.
Ink fabric ribbons were replaced with carbon "flim" ribbons.
Correction tape ribbons were also added later.

The Keyboard
The keyboards also went thourgh some changes. At first the keys were arranged albephetical. Keys jammed up easily so James Densmore suggested putting letters that were commly used together next to one and other. This stoped the jamming of keys. This method resulted in the todays "QWERTY" keyboard. "QWERTY" stands for the first 6 letters in the top albephbet. 1961 The next thing added to the typewriter was the "the type ball". This invention eliminated the bother of interlocking type bars. What is the typewriter? The typewiter is like todays word process way. You can type papers on it and it was faster than writing. 1970- 1980 Through the 70's and 80's, typewriters went through more changes then it did the first 80 years of the invention.
Late 80's
In the late 80's, hybird designs started to come out with printers. With computers and word processing on the rise, the last major design of the typewriter was the display typewriter.
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