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No description

Diego Benitez

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of WELCOME WEEK

UEC Welcomes You to a new Academic Year
Why Join?
The job market keeps getting smaller and smaller while the applicant pool keeps increasing, once I get a degree how will I get a job?

UEC is there to work as a bridge for all students whose career interest is in any sense related to the area of economics. May it be research, teaching, banking, international affairs, policy making, and so on.

We provide workshops for the developing of your practical skills as well as networking events so you can develop the "people" skills.

The Package
Basic Package: $22.00
-USB Drive
-Ceramic Mug
-Tote Bag
-UEC T-Shirt
-Toronto Life Coupon Book
Regardless of the package you buy you will get the same benefits. These benefits are:

Join UEC and Challenge yourself!
Deluxe Package: $30.00
- The Basic Package
- Business Cards
- First Hand Information: You will receive news and registration information to our events before non members do.
- Summer Internship Packages: A package with detailed information about summer internships, tailored for students in the area of Finance and Economics.
-Outstanding Membership Packages: Those members who prove to be the most successful and the most diligent would get their name in the UEC Honor Roll as well as in the Economics Department website. To determine the winners we would be using a points based award system, each event attended and each feat (top 3 in a competition for example) in a specific event would award the member with points.
With UEC :)
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