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Autonomous Cars

No description

Brance Neal

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Autonomous Cars

Autonomous Cars
History of the Self Driving Car
- The first idea came from DaVinci

- Started showing up again in 1930's comics

- 1939 Autostrada purposed actual plans

- 1980's Dickmanns created a self driving van
How Do They Work?
Today's Roads
- Very Complex
- Very Populated
- Lots of things to pay attention to
Systems Used
- Radar
- Video Cameras
- Lidar Sensors
- Ultrasonic sensors
- RAdio Detection And Ranging
-Uses radio waves to judge distance
- LIght Detection And Ranging
- Uses infrared light instead of radio waves
Video Cameras
- Used as the eyes of the car
- Can identify street signs and stop lights
- Can identify pedestrians
- Also called echo location
- Uses high frequency sound waves
- Detects objects around it
When Can We Expect Them?
- Lot of issues need to be worked out
- Progress is being rapidly made
- Cars have logged over half a million miles
- Should be on the market by 2035 or earlier

In Conclusion
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