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Park Michelle

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of TEXT to TEXT

Hunger Games & The 'pretty surgery'
In the HGs, the society holds a game called the 'Hunger Games' to have control over the districts.

Also, in Uglies, the society performs 'pretty surgeries' to make citizens look the same (+ controlling their brains). By making the individuals the same, no conflict or discrimination can be caused.

= Hunger games and the surgery is a tool for the powerhead of the society to have the ultimate control.

The peacekeepers & the special circumstances.
Like the peacemakers in the hunger games, the special circumstances are restricting the citizens under the permission of the government. EX. they try to find the location of the Smoke town and to destroy the place.

When citizens are not met with certain standards and regulations that the society/government has set, the citizens are oppressed by these 'peacemakers' and 'special circumstances'.

= Using human resources as their (the society/powerhead) tool to control people
In the Hunger games, Katniss sacrificed herself to volunteer as a tribute; to protect her sister.

In the Uglies (at the end), Tally sacrifices herself to be involved in the 'experimental operation' that Maddy will conduct to find a cure for the brain damages

Tally volunteers instead of Shay

Also fought against their twisted society.

= protagonists in both books sacrifice themselves to protect the others around them.

The book Uglies is actually the
reflection of our world
. The book reflects our current world facing the issue of

This whole story of 'uglies' - the society wouldn't accept the diversities and the minorities.

And this is same for the ISIS; they are reluctant to accept and confirm to the diversities in religion.

= Entrenched standard of what is accepted

Deviations from their 'set standard' is considered 'bad/wrong'.
And those are under strict surveillance.

FOR EX. Smokies + Tally & Katniss + tributes in the 75th Hunger Games
" ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham"
The surgeries = decapitations

both have a 'way' to eradicate those diversities/minorities.

ISIS has proved to be a powerful draw to young Islamists across the world, spread by an
adept use of social media (advance technology)

In Uglies, they also use advanced technologies to reach their goals. Ex. hovercrafts, the surgery itself ... etc.
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