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Digital Stotytelling project

No description

Joanne garcia

on 30 January 2016

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Transcript of Digital Stotytelling project

Digital Stotytelling project
Education and Career
I want to live here In freehold NJ In a condo or 2 bedroom aprtment maybe even with like a balcony and I want to live a good life and want to have enough money to pay all of my expenses and even have money to buy myslef things that i want
Skills and strenghts - smart,organized,clean,and being very kind

Interests- my intersts are dancing,volleyball,and math

Abilities- learn something really fast,understanding
Future ME
In the future I see myself being a registered nurse and being responsible wiht my job and living in a decent place also living a decent life
Im a student at Baraklow and I want a carrer In the medical field and I know I want to go to college and start involving myself in the medical field now that I am going off to high school.
Along the time my dream and future career has changed becuase I used to want to be a teacher or a lawyer but now I am very interested in becoming someone In the medical field.I want to be like a registerd nurse,medical assistant, or Dental assistant

High school

For my high school education
I would want to go to Allied
health and science but might
go to Freehold Township


For my coollge expierince I would like
to attent Rutgers University
Registered Nurse- $82,750

Medical Assistant-$34,990

Dental Assistant-$37,020
I think I want to be a reistered nurse and it cost roughly $95,131 In total and that includes the college nurse school and books and etc.
Skills,Interests,strengths and abilities
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