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All Pack Team Meeting

No description

Ashley Lax

on 29 June 2014

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Transcript of All Pack Team Meeting

H20 Bowls Outside
Odds and Ends
All Team Meeting TidBits
Summer Uniform
Tan/Khaki shorts, capris or jean pants
RIR Summer Polo (Unless you enjoy sweating to death or your name is AMY, then feel free to wear your fleece!
Closed toed shoes
Treat pouch
Your clicker
Where is the OSHA binder and what color is it?
For both dishwashers, but especially the break room, what is super important to do prior to putting kongs, toys, buckets, bowls into the dishwasher?
When should the courtyard bowl be changed (clean bowl)?
When should night managers turn the TVs on/f and approximately what volume should they be at?
What should night managers always carry with them?
Every morning
Front desk, upper right cabinet and it's red!
Make sure they are free of gravel!
Panic button and cell phone
Remember to let Renee and MOC know if you've switched NM shifts so we don't phone the wrong person late at night!
On: first thing during or before outs
Off: by about 8pm, gives guests time to listen to NM music (relaxing)
Volume: around 7
The Super Sweet
Super cuddly
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