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The History of The Backpack

the history of the backpack

Jose Soler-Davila

on 16 September 2011

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Transcript of The History of The Backpack

The Backpack the word backpack wasn't coined(developed) in the USA 'til the 1910's and wasn't actually invented til 1920. Mainly because they were reffered to as knapsacks or rucksacks (German). No one knows when the first concept of carrying things in a bag/backpack was or the information at least cannot be found on the web Electric Volcom Jansport The Backpack has evolved in so many ways. From a cloth sack over your shoulder to dusty Army pack from WW2 with holes in it to long-lasting, durable and reliable Jansports Backpacks and to other stylish backpacks WW2 Backpacks The Swiss Army Backpack This Duffel Bag is similar to the first Sack Bags ever used by:Jose Soler the end Nike Examples are:
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