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Kristen Hopppkins

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of PIXAR

PIXAR BRAND RESEARCH What was our goal? To make Pixar as brand loyal as possible in the sense that people will see a movie simply because it was created by Pixar, regardless of it's content The Problem No brand loyalty in the movie industry

Pixar does not have a strong brand image Research Question What particular characteristics attract consumers to Pixar in general? Research Methods Survey ZMET Survey Goals To measure the effects of having children on the consumer's perception of Pixar We compared Penn State students to parents within State College, PA How we measured Looked at favorite movie attitude questions vs. Pixar movie attitude questions

Measured basic movie-going behavior Favorite movie/recently watched movies vs. attitudes ZMET Goals Focused mainly on young adults (without children) n=6
Comparing feelings about animated movies to feelings about Pixar movies Survey ZMET Normal series of ZMET questions
5 pictures that remind you of Pixar
Feelings left unrepresented
Other senses
Describe Pixar if they were a person
Describe Animated movies, in general, if they were a person
Sample Attitude Questions:

I believe Pixar has the best story line (Likert)
I believe Pixar movies appeal to all ages (Likert) Results! Conclusions Brand History Pixar's animation and story lines are what
attracts young adults to it's movies

We were not able to find a difinitive answer
as to what attracts parents to the Pixar brand

Questions? ZMET Results
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