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" A Pair of Silk Stockings"

Presented by: Kali Venable, Awbrey Foster, Aby Brugeo, Justine Akue


on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of " A Pair of Silk Stockings"

By Kali Venable, Awbrey Foster, Aby Brugeo, Justine Akue Background of the Author
-Childhood- - Born in St. Louis on Feb. 8 1851
- Daughter of prosperous Irish-born merchant father
and aristocratic Creole mother
-As a child Chopin wrote poetry and played the piano
-Also read prominent authors such as Dickens that
influenced her writing as she got older Background of the Author
-Adulthood- - Chopin's whit and beauty led her to become a
well known southern social light
-married Oscar Chopin and had six children
-wrote articles for popular magazines such as
Vogue and Atlantic Monthly
-published multiple novels including "The Awakening"
which was criticized for being too raunchy
-eventually banned in some American libraries
KV Background of the Author
-Life Events that influenced writing- -Chopin's father was killed in a railroad accident
in 1855 when she was just 4 years old
-lack of males in Chopin's childhood lead her to write about female nourishment that she received in her childhood
-Husband died in 1888 making her a widow at 32
years old
-Sensitive to criticism because of her
"perfectionist" habits
KV Significance of Title Plot Map-Freytag's Pyramid Connection to Realism Focus Element Theme Tone Vocabulary Background The literary period of realism was a time when many authors began writing about ordinary, life-like characters
This story is about an ordinary, hardworking woman who desires to escape from her constricting, boring life.
Readers can relate to Mrs. Sommers' character because they share her desires to have a better life Exposition-Mrs. Sommers, a poor mother, comes across 15 dollars and decides to use it on clothes for her kids
Rising Action-At the store, Mrs. Sommers accidentally touches a pair of silk stockings then buys them along with boots, gloves, magazines, and a lunch
Climax-Mrs. Sommers' last purchases are tickets to a theater play which she enjoys
Falling Action-the play ends and she leaves the theater, getting in a cab heading for home.
Denouement- As she is in the cab, the reader realizes that she does not want to go home and that she misses being able to afford these luxuries The silk stockings are equated to the character's youth with luxuries

The stockings are the inciting incident that allow her to "let loose" and spend all of the money on herself Judicious: cautious; wise: "But it was during the still hours of the night when she lay awake revolving plans in her mind that she seemed to see her way clearly toward a proper and judicious use of the money."
Appreciable: measurable , "Which would insure their lasting an appreciable time longer than they usually did."
Veritable: genuine; true "She had seen some beautiful patterns, veritable bargains in the shop windows."
Laborious: difficult; involving much hard work "She seemed for the time to be taking a rest from that laborious and fatiguing function"
Reveling: taking pleasure "She felt like lying back in the cushioned chair and reveling for a while in the luxury of it. "
Fastidious: difficult to please "She was fastidious. The clerk could not make her out"
Gaudy: showy, lacking in good taste "she and the gaudy woman next to her wept over the tragedy."
Poignant: emotionally moving " unless he were wizard enough to detect a poignant wish, a powerful longing that the cable car would never stop anywhere" Set in 1890s, in the middle of a depression
Nylon not yet invented, most wore cotton stockings
Silk was a complete luxury What she planned to buy -Janie's shoes
-yards of percale to make clothing for
all of the children (boys, Janie and mag)
-Pattern fabric for a gown for Mag
-2pairs of stockings for each child
-Caps for the boys and sailor-hats for the girls What she actually bought - A pair of silk stockings
- A pair of boots
- Two expensive magazines
-Pair of gloves
- Lunch at a pricey restaurant
- A ticket to a play

* Notice ALL for herself! Bibliography -www.katechopin.org. Kate Chopin International Society, 24 Jan. 2013. Web. 24 Jan. 2013.
JA JA Characterization-the way an author presents characters. indirectly and directly.
story told through limited point of view-Mrs. Sommers
Mrs. Sommers was determined and patient (pg.438,¶4)
She cared for her children (page 437,¶3)
She was cautious (page 437,¶2) JA A.B. "A Pair of Silk Stockings" A.B. A.B. KV theme-a subject or topic of discourse of artistic representation; a specific and distinctive quality, characteristic, or concern
need vs. want
acting on impulse
feelings of peace derived from luxury
the necesity to reward one's self
intentios versus reality
AF starts of concerned, and a little anxious to shop for her children in a fastidious manner
after buying the stockings she feels rsoothed by the luxury
limited third person
ends whistfully
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