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Ricci Piacentini

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Why is ICT important ?
ICT has greatly effected our lives over the past 50 years and will continue to do so.

Gradually more and more industries are moving to onto the internet and becoming "Digital"

Having an ICT GCSE award is a stepping stone to internet or digital media careers.

There are not many careers left that do not use some form of ICT to conduct daily tasks.
OK .. So what will I be doing?
Cambridge Nationals Unit 2 - Using ICT in Business
This unit is based around a scenario in which you are working for a new company that has started up who stream movies to computers,laptops,tablets,phones and console devices.

You are going to undertake several tasks and create evidence work using screen shots
Advertising in magazines
Calculating sales and sales predictions
Changing and inputting new data
File Security
File Management
Unit 7 - Sound and Vision
This unit is based around a scenario in which you are creating a video for a tourist/entertainment attraction in Enfield

You will undertake tasks such as
Proposing an idea - writing a report / proposal/ storyboard on your idea
Collecting / creating resources - collecting or , images, videos music , animations
Logging your resources keeping in mind copyright
Writing/drawing storyboards
Editing your resources together
Testing your product
Unit 1 - Understanding Computer systems

This unit provides students with the knowledge and understanding required to use computer systems effectively, both at home,school and by business organisations.
From personal computers to smartphones, computing devices are an essential feature of the modern world.

1 hour written paper
60 marks
This question paper:
• is based on a pre-release "case study"
• consists of two sections, each comprising
short answer and extended response
You will be doing a course called OCR Cambridge Nationals

It is equivalent to 1 GCSE and It is split up into FOUR units

You begin this course in
.. yes that's RIGHT NOW!

3 out of the 4 units are Coursework units

1 of the units is an EXAM
Unit 6 - Digital Imagery
This unit is based around a scenario in which you are entering a competition for a local photography company to promote your local area - The competition is called " The camera never lies"

You will need to source a range of images; these can be captured:
using a digital camera
using a scanner
by sourcing them from the internet
by sourcing them from other digital sources.

Entrants will need to manipulate image(s) to produce a final product for submission.

ICT GCSE AWARD - Yr9 - Yr 11
Your ICT GCSE course begins in Yr 9
You will do 4 units - 1 of which is an examination
You WILL need ICT later in life, you are already using it EVERYDAY
Having an ICT GCSE will make you more employable as most industries are already migrating to ICT solutions
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